Taste of the Week. Roughty Foodie: Barnabrow Christmas Cake

Taste of the Week. 

Roughty Foodie: Barnabrow Christmas Cake


Last week, I posted a pointer towards an superb Christmas Pudding - details here. And we can complete the double now with a hearty recommendation as to sourcing your Christmas cake. Pity I hadn't tasted the cake earlier and I could have combined the two.

Still, glad to say the cake is our Taste of the Week. Packed full of fruit and other essentials (including the same beer and whiskey as the pud), it is delicious, fruity and nutty, not too heavy, yet take it easy (make it linger!).  And if there's just one or two in the house, then they have a convenient size for you. The cake, and the pudding (which comes in 3 sizes), will bring a smile to your face, a nostalgic smile in the case of those of us of a certain age.

And there is a nice nostalgia story too on the Barnabrow label. Tales from the kitchens (Irish and Sri Lankan) when the cakes of our childhood was being prepared and everyone getting a stir of the mix. Will we have almond icing or just sugar icing or glazed fruit finishes?

No need to worry about all that.. Just pop into Roughty Fruity and bag yourself a handy double (they know all about bookie's lingo in there) before the horse has bolted.