Monday, December 7, 2020

Vienna Woods Hotel, Strikingly Lit For Christmas, Serves Up Quite An Excellent "At Home" Meal.

Vienna Woods Hotel, Strikingly Lit For Christmas, Serves Up Quite An Excellent "At Home" Meal.

Must say I absolutely enjoyed my Saturday evening with the local Vienna Woods Hotel playing a key role. Not alone did we enjoy their "At Home" menu but the visit to the hotel itself was a bonus as the avenue up from the river was splendidly lit and decorated as was the exterior of the hotel itself. 

Once inside, and having sanitised the hands (their unit here is operated by a foot pedal), we took in the terrific indoor decorations and while there was an eye-catching Christmas tree by the desk, it wasn't just all Christmas, and we could see the hotel is well maintained and loved on n ongoing basis.

A lovely warm welcome too and soon we were off on the short journey home where we tucked into the meal. And then something different. A call from the hotel checking if everything was okay! Haven't come across that after-sales service before! And, yes, everything was okay!

I had spotted their offering on social media on Friday and each course has quite a few choices, so there is something for everyone. And you may add  a bottle of wine if you wish. All items are individually priced but you may also choose a 2-course offer for €21.95, 3-course for €25.95.

No need to do any "finishing" here as the dishes were just cooked (they match it with your collection time) and warm enough to eat after the short trip, though the mains did get to stay in a warm oven for a spell. 

One of our starters was the McCarthy's spicy chicken wings (in-house hot sauce, celery sticks, blue cheese dip sauce.). No shortage of wings and that in-house sauce was spot on. As good and tasty as any chicken wings I've come across recently. This is also available as a main course.

The other starter was Ardsallagh goats cheese (candied walnuts, beetroot spirals, sour dough, organic mixed leaves.) and this too was as good as expected, those raw beetroot spirals added a matching flavour and a nice little bit of crunchiness.

Quite a lot of talk as we picked our main courses a day earlier before we settled on our choices. Roast half farmyard duckling (apricot & coriander stuffing, glazed chateau potato, sweet & sour sauce) was one. No shortage of quantity here nor of quality either, that stuffing and the sauce each playing key roles.

Equally satisfactory was the Supreme of chicken (caramelised apple and wild mushroom duxelle, toasted pine-nuts, tender stem broccoli, parma ham, fresh thyme, wholegrain mustard sauce), full of flavour and texture and again no shortage.

Indeed, there was an unexpected side of Gratin of potato and roast vegetable (peppers, onions, carrots, turnip etc.). I certainly enjoyed those particular vegetables also. I've mentioned quantity once or twice and that seems to be common in quite a few of the "At Home" meals that we've enjoyed recently. There has been, if anything, a little too much on the plates!

Delightful dessert - you could taste the Baileys.

So much in fact in this case, that we held the dessert (just the one!) for the following day. Then we found the Bailey's & chocolate cheese cake (biscuit crumb, chocolate shaving, wild berry coulis) of a better standard than most, really outstanding, the flavours reflecting exactly the detail in the description. 

Well done indeed to the kitchen at the Vienna Woods. Next time, we'll have to visit the restaurant itself and again enjoy the wonderful lighting and decoration both inside and outside.

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