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Cheers 200412

Red Nose Wine Partners With Enrico Fantasia!

The new wines keep on coming and we have partnered with Enrico Fantasia to bring in more hand made wines, many of which are organic and biodynamic. Enrico is from Venice and is almost as famous a fisherman as he is a wine expert. He works with all of the top restaurants around the country and is a co-owner in Piglet, a traditional trattoria style wine bar in Temple Bar. This is where the wine importers bring their winemakers when they want to show off - a phenomenal wine list and a great night out ( whenever we get out again ). See more details here.

Who else loves the Hopfully Beers?

It's starting to feel like our favorite time of the year, it's almost Christmas time! We've got a brand new webpage with some exclusive items, including this beautiful Gift Box, the perfect gift for someone special.

Click on the link below to place your order, make sure to use this promo-code HOP100 to get a 10% discount on your purchase. The promo-code will expire on the 4th of December. More details here

The gift box includes:

1 Graciosa Tropical IPA 5.3%

1 Insideout New England Pale Ale 5%

1 Legswap Raspberry & Lime Sour 4%

1 Shinebright New England IPA 6%

1 Insideout Glass 40cl


Wines Of The World 

have tips on mulled wine, the traditional winter warmer...

A Traditional Winter favourite, Winter Warmer Mulled Wine blends the finest ingredients to give a character of subtle cinnamon, clove spices and zesty citrus fruits. Making your life easy – simply garnish with cinnamon sticks and an orange slice. More here

Paul Barry advises to check

O'Briens Whiskey Offer, including Teelings.

Irish whiskey is experiencing a renaissance with many new distilleries setting up, showcasing the diverse range of whiskey now produced on the island. Teeling Whiskey, winners of over 60 international awards over the last few years, are placing themselves at the forefront of this movement. Their goal is to produce a collection of whiskeys that illustrate the breadth of choice and the different styles and flavours that Irish whiskey has to offer. With this in mind I have picked out three whiskeys that show case the versatility of their range.

Whichever you choose we have plenty on offer in our Irish Whiskey Sale, with 10% off a selection of great Teeling whiskeys.

The Rascal's Question: Fancy a case of Happy Days?

We’ve more news than you can shake a stick at. First up, our new off-licence is open for business. Now you can bring home your favourite Rascals beers, and a few fancy guest beers, from Rascals HQ Inchicore. We’re exclusively selling mini kegs of our Pilot Kit Series as well. Don't forget your shopping bag! Opening times for the off-licence are the same as our restaurant: from 4pm Wed – Sun, from 1pm Sat and Sun. More here