Fabulous Festive Feast from The Glass Curtain. "Deck The Halls" A Christmas Highlight

Fabulous Festive Feast from The Glass Curtain

"Deck The Halls" A Christmas Highlight.

Christmas bubbles!

When we picked up our "Deck The Halls" feast from the Glass Curtain just before Christmas, we knew we were onto a good thing. Just how good, we'd discover over the next few hours. It came in their own specially designed tote and they packed the very best into it, including a bottle of the excellent Piper Heidsieck champagne.

We didn't get around to everything on the first night and not everything is included in the photos here. One of our starters was a beautifully presented, in a jar, Duck Liver Paté topped with a mulled wine jelly. There were two cheeses also included: a small round of Ballylisk Triple Cream Brie and a hefty chunk of Aged Ballinrostig Gouda. There was even a Mulled Wine Spice Bag. 

The GC tote bag was designed "so all your savoury items complement each other and are a perfect selection to share around the table". All very true indeed. And there was little or no cooking required. The instructions were simple: Unpack your items and let come to room temperature, warm your buns, bake your cookies and pop your bubbles on ice. Even I could do that!

It was by far the best "take-out" of this strange year. Imagine how I feel now though, having just missed out on their New Year's Eve offering! The offer came through by email yesterday. I didn't see it immediately and when I tried to get through, I failed, and failed. When I did succeed in connecting, all I saw was the Sold Out sticker. Damn! Still glad I got that Christmas one though. And the good news is, that after a short and deserved break, Brian Murray and his team "will be thinking up some new and exciting menus to bring to you at home in the next couple of weeks".
Milk buns (with Chicken Schmaltz)

Venison and black truffle hand-raised Pie, (with pickled walnut relish).
From this hearty pie to light snacks (like the popcorn below)
The Glass Curtain came up trumps every single bite!

House cured salmon pastrami (and herbed Crème Fraiche)

Chocolate chip cookies (with Salted Caramel sauce)
and below Mince Pies

Popcorn: Caramel Crunch/white chocolate & Macadamia nuts/
dark chocolate & chilli.

for the cookies, just one of a series of
super relishes and sauces.

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