Five-Star Greenes 6-Course Tasting Menu At Home

Greenes 6-Course Tasting Menu At Home 

Pana Bread, Miso Butter, Wild Garlic Pesto, Hummus & Cassava Puffs.

Haven't eaten the Cassava puffs before. The flour is obtained from the starchy root of a tropical tree of the same name, also called manioc. Miso is of Japanese origin and you do see it used in one form or another fairly regularly here. Head to beat the wild garlic though!

Salmon and Crab Paté, Piccalilli Salad

Tasty starter for sure, the pickle of cauliflower playing a key role.

Pan-seared Monkfish Fillet, Seafood Risotto
Overall, the meal required very little intervention at home.
This did require, both the fish and the risotto, about 8 minutes finishing.

Duo of Braised and Seared Lamb, Cous Cous
and Red Wine Jus
Not much more than ten minutes finishing to have this terrific "main course" ready for the plate. The meat was superb, in both variations, as was the cous cous (generously enhanced with small pieces of peppers, olives and more)
Gubbeen Cheese, Walnuts, Rhubarb Compote, Biscuits
Delighted with the classic Gubbeen smoked cheese, benefitting from all of the accompaniments,
especially the caramelised nuts and the tangy compote. By the way, I had a bottle of that lovely Stonewell Tawny open and it paired very well indeed with this course!

Eton Mess, Passion Fruit Curd
The pauses between the courses had been growing longer as the evening wore on.
No bother with this dessert though, very appropriate considering what had gone before
and a delight to dispatch.  The glass was loaded with the broken meringue, the outstanding curd before the Chantilly and fresh berries were added.
I'm always tempted by tasting menus at Greenes, especially when there's 15% off as was the case last week. Check out all their menus here