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Monday, May 17, 2021

Five-Star Greenes 6-Course Tasting Menu At Home

Greenes 6-Course Tasting Menu At Home 

Pana Bread, Miso Butter, Wild Garlic Pesto, Hummus & Cassava Puffs.

Haven't eaten the Cassava puffs before. The flour is obtained from the starchy root of a tropical tree of the same name, also called manioc. Miso is of Japanese origin and you do see it used in one form or another fairly regularly here. Head to beat the wild garlic though!

Salmon and Crab Paté, Piccalilli Salad

Tasty starter for sure, the pickle of cauliflower playing a key role.

Pan-seared Monkfish Fillet, Seafood Risotto
Overall, the meal required very little intervention at home.
This did require, both the fish and the risotto, about 8 minutes finishing.

Duo of Braised and Seared Lamb, Cous Cous
and Red Wine Jus
Not much more than ten minutes finishing to have this terrific "main course" ready for the plate. The meat was superb, in both variations, as was the cous cous (generously enhanced with small pieces of peppers, olives and more)
Gubbeen Cheese, Walnuts, Rhubarb Compote, Biscuits
Delighted with the classic Gubbeen smoked cheese, benefitting from all of the accompaniments,
especially the caramelised nuts and the tangy compote. By the way, I had a bottle of that lovely Stonewell Tawny open and it paired very well indeed with this course!

Eton Mess, Passion Fruit Curd
The pauses between the courses had been growing longer as the evening wore on.
No bother with this dessert though, very appropriate considering what had gone before
and a delight to dispatch.  The glass was loaded with the broken meringue, the outstanding curd before the Chantilly and fresh berries were added.
I'm always tempted by tasting menus at Greenes, especially when there's 15% off as was the case last week. Check out all their menus here

Monday, May 3, 2021

Stunning Umbrian Wines Showcased at Online Tasting by Greenes Restaurant

Stunning Umbrian Wines Showcased at Online Tasting by Greenes Restaurant 

With his family vineyard overlooking Assisi, the city associated with St Francis, the patron saint of animals and ecology, perhaps it is no wonder that Roberto Di Filippo uses animals in the vineyard and that it is biodynamic. Perhaps Francis enjoyed the odd glass of wine!


“We were one of the pioneers of organic wine in Umbria,” said  Roberto during the weekend’s superb tasting helmed by Fionnuala Harkin of Wines Direct and Frank Schiltkamp (Somm and Restaurant Manager) of Greenes Restaurant who were hosting the event.

Di Filippo are based in Umbria. Roberto told us that Umbria is in central Italy and is the only Italian region without a coastline. It is in the very centre of the country and while it may not be the best known for wine, it had no doubt learned much from neighbours such as Tuscany and Marche. Perugia is the capital but Assisi is probably its best known city, a city that Di Filippo overlooks.

“Organic since 1994,” continued Roberto. “By 2009, we moved into biodynamic farming. Horses and geese arrived, tractors and chemicals were the past. Year by year we are seeing a big impact on soil and crops. Horses are my passion. Tractors can compact the soil so much, up to one metre deep. The system now is efficient and, for the majority of time, the horse is cheaper than the tractor.”

Another part of the horses' work

All the while, Fionnuala was showing a series of slides that matched what Roberto was talking about. Then he moved onto the first of wines, the white. “This is 100% Grechetto, the most typical white grape in Umbria. It is harvested in two turns and then blended. The earlier harvest gives freshness and mineralogy while the second gives full body and complexity.”

“Thanks to that double harvest, the aromas are fruity and fresh and with its acidity it will go well with tuna meat, fish, seafood, cheese and vegetables.” It was agreed generally that the wine was matching well with the salami, cutting through the fat.

“Why are those hands on the label?” asked Fionnuala. “They represent what we are - farmers. Without these hands you cannot drink the wines!”

The second wine, La Conversino (named after a local area, nothing to do with conversation!), is red and Sangiovese (80%) dominates. The balance is made up of other local and some international grapes and that part of the blend varies from vintage to vintage.

I saw this pair of horses at work in North Cork a few years back.
I was amazed at the precision of the large animals at work.
Here, they are cutting corn but another horse drew a scuffler through drills without putting a
foot wrong (and those hooves are large).

“It is a ruby colour,” said Roberto, “Not really deep. Aromas are fruity, it has a good balance, soft tannins, a good combination for many types of food, excellent with meat.” “Ideal for the lighter style of game,” said Frank. “Stunning with pheasant.”

And finally a tip from Roberto: “When you come to Umbria, book into a nice Agriturismo in the countryside. Take your time. Have nice food. Not just countryside, we have cities and mountains too. And don’t forget the truffles. - they are cheap!”

Di Filippo Grechetto Umbria IGT 2019, 13%, organic. €15.75

Lovely light gold colour (the brightness can vary from year to year). Delightful fresh and  fruity nose and you get more of the same, including a wash of citrus, on the palate before this rounded wine, with its tangy acidity, finishes pleasantly, medium-long and well. Very impressed with this one. Not just second glass appeal, more like second bottle! The producers recommend matching it with fish, white meat, fresh cheeses.

Fermentation is in stainless steel with wild yeast, and resting on lees in stainless steel until bottling. Very Highly Recommended.

Di Filippo “La Conversino” Rosso Umbria (IGT) 2019, 13.5%, organic, €14.75

A bright mid ruby is the colour of this Sangiovese dominated red. Aromas are quite intense, red berries prominent. Quite full-bodied and elegant as we move along on a fruity palate with enough acidity to maintain harmony all through. This is soft with beautiful embedded tannins and a medium long finish. The other grapes in the blend could include Barbera and Sagrantino but will vary from year to year.

Di Filippo suggest pairing with typical Italian pasta dishes, boiled meats, fresh cheese. Other suggestions are Pasta and Pizza, Hard Cheese, Game, Beef and Lamb. Quite a wine, full of resilience; as the night wears on and course follows course, this and its fruit core just gets better and better. Very Highly Recommended.

The cheese and charcuterie from Greenes was, as ever, top class, the portions generous.

Gubbeen cheese, Smoked Scaramoza cheese, Durrus, Young Buck blue cheese.

Gubbeen salami, Gubbeen chorizo, Gubbeen venison, Serrana Ham.

Olive tapenade, Tomato pesto, Basil Pesto, Humus, Olives, Capers, Gherkins, Onion

Compote and bread.

I may have been busy taking notes but it was a relaxing evening. Frank welcomed us on Zoom and struck the right note at the start: “Treat it casually and enjoy. Don’t be waiting for us. Sit back and enjoy as we go along.” We did! We could have been with friends in Umbria.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A Home Win With Greenes. Click & Collect. And Score

A Home Win With Greenes.

Click & Collect. And Score!

Greenes certainly make it easy for you with their current Click and Collect meals service. The ordering software (TablePath) is faultless, you make your choices, pay and nominate a collection time. It worked very well for us last Saturday, as it did on previous occasions.

Of course, you do have to finish off at home. But don't worry! Finishing instructions are supplied in your box. And if you want more help you can find online instructions on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

It is easy and well worthwhile. We’ll run though our choices and the basic info.

We started with Greenes Seafood Chowder. Put the chowder in a pot and heat until piping hot. Be careful not to over mix as you will break up the lovely fish chunks. Arrange in bowls and serve with a wedge of lemon and parsley if you wish.

The Main Event was Braised Feather Blade of Angus Beef, Parsnip Puree, Honey & Rosemary Glazed Parsnip, Red Wine Jus. Preheat oven to 190 celsius, place the tray with the beef and the sauce in the oven for 10 to 12 minutes. After 6 minutes, add the honey glazed parsnips to the oven. Heat the parsnip purée in a saucepan on a low heat mixing with a spatula till piping hot. Put the purée in the centre of the plate, then the beef on top and pour the sauce over the beef and the glazed parsnips on the side.

Those lovely chunks of red and white fish were outstanding in the creamy chowder but there was nothing redundant here, even the petit pois played a key role in the deliciousness.

Time then for a sip of wine while the beef was prepared. Chef Bryan McCarthy is a long-time master of feather blade - going back to his days in Springfort Hall - and this was exquisite, the pairing of the parsnip with the tender beef a McCarthy masterstroke.

Other main courses available on the night were Ragu of Skeaghanore Duck, Seared Monkfish Fillet and also Ratatouille Ragu. Greenes Click & Collect is available from Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon. The menu changes over the days and you may check it out here.

The basic price is forty euro for two courses for two people. You may add dessert and wine too and even a meal for a third person.

Speaking of dessert, they had  a choice of three: Summer Berry Panna Cotta; Chocolate, salted caramel tart, with sweet cream; and Exotic Fruit Cheesecake. All very simple to finish off. Summer may be gone but that Panna Cotta (above) is something else, the tarty compote, the sweet crush of the honeycomb and the velvety Panna Cotta itself that transport the lot to your eager taste buds! Wow.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Award Winning Chefs Collaborate for Wild Ingredient Dinner

press release
Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Award Winning Chefs Collaborate for Wild Ingredient Dinner 
Bryan (left) and Eric

Bryan McCarthy of Greenes and Eric Kavanagh of Cahernane House Hotel to host a Four Hands Dinner at Greenes Restaurant on Wednesday the 26th of February.

Greenes Restaurant in Cork city is hosting a special wild ingredient-driven dinner on the 26th of February where executive head chef Bryan McCarthy will welcome head chef Eric Kavanagh of Kerry’s Cahernane House Hotel into the Greenes kitchen.

Coming into the end of game season, Bryan and Eric have devised a six course menu which is a celebration of wild food with stand-out dishes of venison and local, foraged ingredients. 

Bryan McCarthy said, “Eric is one of Ireland’s best game chefs and myself and the team at Greenes are delighted to be working alongside someone so renowned for their game cookery. The menu’s focus is on wild, foraged ingredients, offering something unique for our diners and allowing us to showcase our combined passion for this type of food.

There will also be a Spring season edition of this four hands collaboration, where the roles are reversed and Bryan will be joining Eric in the Cahernane House kitchen on the 2nd of April. 

Eric Kavanagh said, “I have known Bryan for many years and it’s a wonderful opportunity for me to go back to my Cork roots and work with the talented team in Greenes. Bryan has always been innovative in his work and I know our combined styles will make for two very special evenings for our guests in both Cork and Killarney.”

The Wild Ingredient Dinner at Greenes is taking place on the 26th of February and costs €59 per person for six courses, including a drink reception kicking off at 6:30pm. Dinner and accommodation in Greenes’ sister venue, Hotel Isaacs, can be booked at a cost of €258 for two people sharing.

Those who want to experience the best of both culinary experiences - one in the buzz of Cork city and one in the peaceful Kerry countryside - can also book the Spring Four Hands Dinner at Cahernane House for the same price - €59 per person for dinner only, and €258 for dinner and accommodation for two people sharing. 

Reservations can be made for both venues at or by phone at 021 455 2279.

Keep up to date with the latest news by following Greenes on Instagram and Twitter at @GreenesCork and on Facebook at @GreenesRestaurant, and Cahernane House Hotel on Instagram at @CahernaneHotel, on Facebook @Cahernane and on Twitter @CahernaneHouse.