Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Taste of the Week. Breads on NeighbourFood

Taste of the Week
Breads on NeighbourFood
Bread and Roses

Didn’t quite realise the choice available to me when I joined NeighbourFood. Choices across the board and that applies also to top class bread. Quite happy to have any of the loaves mentioned below as Taste of the Week.

I had heard about Bread and Roses and was keen to try. And I wasn’t disappointed. Their Country Sourdough Loaf is superb and would be in the running for the Blue Riband at any sourdough competition.
Natural Bakery's Spelt Loaf

And more sourdough, with a twist, from Natural Foods Bakery. The Sourdough Raisin Bread Loaf quickly became a favourite here. Must yet try their Breademption Sourdough Beer Mash Loaf (with Rising Sun beer); won’t be long now as I have one in the house. Just to mention also that this busy bakery do a top notch 100% Spelt loaf, one of the best of its type.

Can’t be all sourdough - variety is the spice of life. And, for something a little different but very tasty in its own right, it would be hard to beat Ballymaloe’s White Yeast Loaf, also on NeighbourFood. Ballymaloe may have a rival though. At the time of writing, the blog chef has just pulled what looks like a beauty out of the oven and that looks ready for a big thumbs up coming when it cools down a bit!

So there you are, lots of variety when you order from  NeighbourFood who have an ever increasing number of depots in Ireland; they also deliver (thought not in every area).

You’ll find Neighbour Food here

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