Sunday, April 5, 2020

The 9 White Deer Brewery. Pale Ale and Kölsch. And Sanitiser!

The 9 White Deer Brewery
The Pale Ale and Kölsch. And Sanitiser!
Pale Ale

Is beer essential these Covid19 days? 

As much as it ever was! Cider and wine too. And spirits, of course, even if only as a sanitiser! 

And, these strange days, you may order hand sanitiser along with excellent craft beer from your local brewery. Well, from Ballyvourney's 9 White Deer at least. 

Their beers can be found in outlets all over the island. But with all the Covid19 restrictions and particularly if you are cocooning, you may need a delivery to the house. 

Check out their online shop here to order your beer and their recently released alcohol based hand sanitiser.

The 9 White Deer Brewery was brought into being by two people, Gordon Lucey and Don O’Leary. They each have a passion for quality beer and, between them, they have a lot of experience in all aspects of beer from growing barley to front of house customer experience and everything in between. More details here .

Stag Bán Pale Ale 4.5% abv

Stag Bán was their first beer and has been gluten free since 2018.

Basically, it’s an easy drinking beer, brewed at lower temperatures to create a cleaner profile; the malt profile is an uncomplicated design, neither heavy nor cloying.
For me, the attraction here is the hops, though it’s far from being a “hop bomb”. This is about balance. The lads say they designed this beer with summer in mind and the hops used (First Gold, Admiral and Cascade) emphasise that. It is a harmonious drink with citrus, floral and spice notes all combining well in the golden glass.

9 White Deer’s Stag Saor Kölsch, 4.2% abv
Kölsch is a style of beer originating in Cologne, Germany. In appearance, this Cork produced example is bright and clear with a yellow/amber colour.
The Stag Kolsch, with its high carbonation level and gentle hop character, is palate friendly with an almost creamy feel. Easy to quaff and easy to see how this refreshing beer has become one of their biggest selling beers.
Stag Kolsch, which is also gluten free, has a gentle hop and malt character, a classic German style of beer brewed with German Noble Hops, Premium Irish and German Malt and German Yeast. It gets an extended lagering time where it can develop and mature.

* For details of all their other beers (all brewed, bottled and kegged in Ballyvourney, Co. Cork) and brewery tours (when restrictions are lifted), please check here.

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