Monday, November 4, 2019

Taste of the Week. Perfect G&T - Alcohol Free

Taste of the Week
Perfect G&T - Alcohol Free

I was an early bird visitor to the Cork Kerry Food Market in the City Hall last Saturday morning. When I was offered a G&T, I wasn’t all that keen as breakfast had just been finished. But it was a small sample so I indulged, expecting to get a load of tonic and little gin. I was surprised though, thinking to myself that they hadn’t drowned the spirit. “It’s non alcoholic”, said Cyril Walsh who had offered the sample. I was surprised as were a few others.

Cyril, who you probably know through his work with St Patrick’s Distillery, is involved with All Natural Drinks who are distributing the gin. It was launched just before the weekend and some of Saturday’s tasters were thinking of it in terms of the festival celebrations coming up, a solution to the question what to drink when you’re not drinking.

I checked the website and saw that Henrik Facile, a Swedish master blender, with French and Finnish heritage and now living in Florida, is the creator. Not an easy task. "We found it difficult to get to Perfect with so many options available…..We use natural quinine and just enough carbonation for refreshment and enjoyment.”

So there you are. I had been "ambushed" by the soft Italian juniper nose with hints of coriander and citrus followed by what seemed like the clean classic gin taste, with citrus freshness and of course the slight bitterness from the quinine. The "gin" element didn't seem as strong at a second tasting later in the day - but by then of course I had been forewarned! Nonetheless, a handy alternative to some of the more or less tasteless zero drinks around at the moment.

Unit 105, St Patrick’s Mills,

To see a mid-summer article on some available non alcoholic drinks, check here.
Since then, I've come across a few more, including the superb organic Drivers Cider from Highbank Orchards.

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