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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Superb Seafood Evening. French Flare at Fleming’s

Superb Seafood Evening

French Flare at Fleming’s

It was fish all the way at Fleming’s last weekend with chef/patron Michael Fleming displaying his renowned skills and, in the process, treating us to everything from the humble periwinkle to the noble salmon. Needless to say, all were cooked to perfection and the presentation was immaculate. Besides, I know I’ve said this before about this long established venue, the sauces are excellent here, illustrated once again with the smoked salmon dish.

A lively prosecco was our welcome drink and soon we were at our table, reading over the menu for the Seafood Evening, the anticipation growing as we awaited the first course.

And we weren't let down as the Seafood Platter on Ice arrived. The top of the two tiers was packed with seaweed and ice. Periwinkles were scattered around and there too were oysters, crab claws, and prawn cocktails. Great to look at it, even better to eat, especially with the beautiful dips provided. And that wasn't the end of the two part starter as next up was a bowl of perfectly fresh Moules a la crème. All dispatched with a glass of Trimbach’s Riesling trocken. Oh my, what a delicious opening.

And then came the Saumon Fumé: Oak Smoked Salmon glazed in a pink peppercorn sauce with white wine and tarragon. Roll out the superlatives here. Maybe I’ll just settle for great. And that sauce! The whole combination was brilliant, a kind of dish I haven't come across anywhere else. Delightful.

 And now for the main event: Brochette de fruits de Mer. No less than four fish in this one: Seafood brochette with risotto - a brochette of monkfish, sea bass, salmon, a beignet of hake, all served with risotto and grilled butternut squash. The three fish on the stick were superb, I really loved the seabass, but the hake was out of this world, fish perfection. What a dish and we had a lovely Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc to go with it.

No real fish with the two part dessert though the deeply gorgeous Dark Chocolate and Berry Tiramisu was decorated with a biscuity “Goldie Fish”. The other part, White chocolate and Cardamom mousse, was also heavenly, though on a lighter note. A perfect combination to finish a lovely evening on. Not alone is the food superb here; so too is the service, friendly and efficient, and you leave promising yourself to come back soon.

Fleming’s Silver Grange House is a historic Georgian house and restaurant, built by one of the prominent merchant princes of Cork, a local wine importer. Read all about it here.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year at Fleming's

Very enjoyable New Year's Eve Dinner at Fleming's Restaurant in Tivoli.

A marvellous meal with many highlights. Superb dishes with incredible sauces from chef-patron Michael Fleming and a flawless service by Eileen and the front of house team. The main dish was the amazing duo of pheasant and fillet, not forgetting the cognac and cream sauce! 

And then dessert. Three seemed enough but then they served their delicious Christmas pudding as well! Believe it or not, most were still able to get on their feet to sing and dance as 2013 turned into 2014. Happy New Year folks!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Flavours of Christmas (but may be tried at any time of the year!)

Flavours of Christmas

(but may be tried at any time of the year!)
Bubbles from the Loire
Ummera Smoked Chicken (served with a Cajun Potato Salad). Lovely contrast after days of turkey!

Rwandan Coffee, the Cup of Excellence award winning Maraba Sovu 2012 lot #14,  via Robert Roberts Connoisseur Club.

Organic Pink Bubbles (made from Cabernet Franc) from Chateau Miniere and Domaine du Clos d’Epinay Vouvray Brut. Souvenirs of the summer holidays in the Loire Valley.

Mella’s Rum & Raisin Handmade West Cork Fudge.

Ummera smoked chicken.
Cashel Blue mature and Warre’s LBV Port (2002).

The Cornstore’s Plum infused Whiskey.

Dungarvan Coffee and Oatmeal Stout, by now a Christmas standard.

Eight Degrees Zeus Black IPA, 7%. Looks like a rich dark porter but tastes like a pungent IPA.

Fleming's fantastic Orchard Chutney.
Fleming’s Orchard Chutney (Apples, Pears and Green Tomatoes from their own orchard).

Barrie Tyner’s Pates (from the local Farmers Markets, inc. Mahon).

Pandora Bell’s Honey Nougat with Almonds and Pistachios.

Cashel Blue

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas at The Pavilion

Christmas at The Pavilion
Was tempted to visit Santa Claus while at the Christmas Fair in the Pavilion near Ballygarvan (signposted from the airport roundabout) at the weekend. But I lingered too long at the many food stalls and indeed at some of the craft stalls as well, about 30 stalls in all.

In any case, I wasn't disappointed. The Flemings Restaurant stand was more tempting than Santa for any food loving adult. So many good things there, not least one of the best made mulled wines I've ever come across.

And then there are the most flavoursome Orchard Chutney and the unmissable Cranberries in port wine and Grand Marnier. And also something very handy, not to mention tasty: individual Christmas puddings, smooth and delicious, really convenient if only one or two are eating pudding or if you have a couple of unexpected visitors. By the way, if you cannot make the Fair next weekend, it is possible to order online direct from the Fleming’s Christmas Shop.
Jewellery, crystal and candles from Peter and Aidan.
Met up again also with Bob Christie of Celtic Kitchen. He had sold out on Saturday and was up early on Sunday to replenish his stocks. One of the results of his early morning kitchen labours was his Lamb Korma Meat Balls with Curry sauce. Bought one from him and it turned out to be fantastic.

Quite a few craft stalls there as well and great to meet up again with Peter Lee of Blarney Irish Crystal in Carrigaline. He had a lovely display of gifts, including some candles made by Aidan. Lots of gift ideas in the air and, of course, in the store itself where I am always fascinated by the shapes and colours of the Mianra soap collection.

It is a busy spot but they have extra car parking facilities available for the fair. Just as well, as the gardeners are still going strong, going by the trolley loads of plants being wheeled out the door. And of course the excellent onsite cafe is also open, great for a break from the shopping.

The Fair is on again next weekend (from 11.00am both Saturday and Sunday). It is the final weekend.
Three individual pudding servings
in this handy package from Fleming's.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Update on "Bringing the Wine Geese Home" at Fleming's

Susan Boyle.
Reservations can be made with O’Donovans Off Licence Head Office only and are €100 per person.  Tickets are limited to 4 per booking and must be pre-paid.  
Contact Deirdre or Rose on 021-4296060 for details.  
Please note that the event is no longer a Black Tie occasion

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Wine Geese Return in Style!

“The Return of The Wine Geese” Black Tie banquet will bring together wines with an Irish heritage from around the globe with wonderful food in the beautiful Fleming's Restaurant.  
The full line-up of wines that will feature on the night will follow shortly.  Tickets are available from O’Donovans Off Licence Head Office only and are €100. 
Tickets are limited to 4 per booking and are must be pre-paid.  Contact Deirdre or Rose on 021-4296060 for details.

Bringing The Wine Geese Home

Gala Banquest at Flemings Restaurant, Cork City

Saturday 18th May 2013

7.30pm Drinks Reception ~ 8.00pm Seated for Dinner

Pate de Foie Gras
Pate of Foie Gras, served with its own jelly
Tossed leaf salad and melba toast
Conift de Voalille , wonton de Canard
Home smoked chicken ballotine and wonton of duck confit
Served with a compot of fresh orange
Paupiette de sole Limande
Paupiette of sole served with pink grapefruit , served with a light saffron sauce
Sorbet de champagne
Champagne sorbet served with passion fruit and a sweet balsamic glaze
Longe D’agneau roti
Roast Loin of Lamb , ragout of sweetbread and a light rosemary”jus”
Trio de Fromage
Tipperary mature Cashel Blue
West Cork Mileens
Cork Hegary’s cheddar
Tart au Citron, vanilla ice-cream and marinated strawberries

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYE: Special Night at Fleming’s

NYE: Special Night at Fleming’s

Happy New Year to you all. Hope you had a good night on the 31st.

I certainly had, thoroughly enjoyed the Menu Degustation at Fleming’s, not to mention the music and dancing. Quite a night, highlighted by a brilliant 6 course tasting menu.

After a warm greeting, we were taken to the very comfortable waiting area where we enjoyed plates of delicious canapés while choosing our wine from a recommended list. The Lorenz V. Friendly Grüner Veltliner was recommended to me and the fruity tingly Austrian proved quite an all rounder; it deserves to be better known.

After that relaxing interlude, it was upstairs to our tables and our starter of Pate de Foie Gras, crispy wonton of duck, orange compote and tossed leaf salad, an absolutely gorgeous combination of flavours, really well thought out. We were up and running.

And the very high standard continued with the fish course. The Symphonie de Fruit de Mer consisted of Seared Sea bass, with fresh crab gratin compote of fennel and a light champagne sauce. Quite a symphony indeed by the conductor in the kitchen!

Then a little break, filled by a tasty beefy Cappuccino of Wild Mushroom. The tempo of the musical duo nearby was picking up and so too was that of the food as the Duo de Viande made its grand entrance. 
The combination of Pot Roast Pheasant with a cognac and cream sauce and the Entrecote de Boeuf, with Galette de Pomme, was incredible, tasty, tender and, for the second time that evening, we had a memorable sauce. This dish called for a red wine and a gorgeous warm Tempranillo fitted the bill to perfection.

Now for the sweet finale, accompanied by a sweet wine. Not that famous one from Bordeaux but a very classy one from neighbouring Bergerac: Chateau Ladesvignes Monbazillac (a delicious blend of Sémillon and Muscadelle).

Quite a match for Les Desserts: Feuillet de Chocolate, Poudin a La Noelle and Glace de Vanille. A tremendous plateful to round off a marvellous display of cooking by chef-patron Michael Fleming.

After that, all we had to do was get to our feet, some more willingly than others, to dance and ring in the New Year. A terrific way to see out 2012 and welcome in its younger relation. Fingers crossed for you all in 2013 but an especially Happy New Year to the Flemings (Eileen and Michael) and to all their efficient and engaging staff. 

Go mbeirimid beo ar an am seo arís!

Watch for the coming weekend at Fleming's. Women's Christmas this weekend: 6 course tasting menu Saturday night - €45 per person. Lunch All day Sunday - 5 course set menu €35 - Yum!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fabulous Fleming’s

Fabulous Fleming’s
Foie Gras
Enjoyed the most perfect dinner in Fleming’s  last week. Game, as you know, is now in season and featured on the menu. But there was so much more besides.

Eileen and husband Michael, now an Award Winning Chef Patron with vast experience, took over the Georgian building in Tivoli in 1989 and gradually set about restoring it while at the same time building up a restaurant. Eileen took us to our table in one of the two comfortable rooms that combine to make a lovely dining space.

From quite a range of tempting starters, CL choose the Foie Gras, served hot with Timoleague Black pudding, glazed apple and Pineau de Charente Sauce. Ate a lot of Foie Gras in the Dordogne a few years back but nothing to match this!

I too enjoyed a very special starter: Roast stuffed saddle of rabbit with a plum compote and a light grain mustard sauce. Rabbit, tender and tasty, never tasted like this before.

We were up and running to a very high standard. Shouldn’t have been surprised. Michael: “I’m not media –focused. I’m kitchen –focused.” But he is highly regarded by his fellow chefs and you may read a bit about him here.

While waiting for the mains, we were treated to a couple of surprises. One was a Cappuccino of Wild Mushroom and the other an eye catching Champagne Sorbet with passion fruit and a sweet balsamic.


Now we were ready for the Plat de résistance, not that there was any resistance. I went for the Roast Loin of Venison, poached pear, venison sausage and a port sauce. Just perfect. The Loin was medium as requested and spot on, so tender and falvoursome, while the sausage provided a contrasting texture, all enhanced by the pear and gorgeous sauce, not to mention a glass of the smoothest Tempranillo from Navarre.

CL too enjoyed contrasting textures with her Roast Duck Breast and Duck Leg Confit, compote of fresh orange and a Grand Marnier jus. What a brilliant combination, every element cooked to perfection. Another prefect dish!



 After all that, CL was thinking she’d have a light dessert, perhaps the first one that featured fresh fruit. Quelle surprise! We just weren’t prepared for the stunning plate that came to the table as the Sabyonne des Fruits was presented. It is an Italian dessert of Fresh Fruits with a glazed Sabyonne, sweet Sauterne wine and Grand Marnier. Gorgeous even if the egg yolk made the mix a little more filling than anticipated!

Mine, if anything, was somewhat lighter than expected but I wasn’t complaining as I spooned in my Warm Rich Soft Centered Chocolate Fondant with Crème Anglaise and Vanilla Ice Cream, all the while sipping a little Champagne as did my partner in crime!

 And so a fantastic evening in a fantastic place came to a lovely end. With Eileen heading the team, service was friendly and so well timed all through. It is a lovely space with comfortable chairs and heavy linen on the tables and with, the fantastic cooking of Michael and his team, you won’t be disappointed. If you want the best in town, this is the place to go!

* See earlier post on Christmas specials at Flemings here.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas at Flemings. Special Place. Special Evenings.

Christmas at Flemings

Enjoyed the most perfect dinner in Fleming’s  last. Game, as you know, is now in season and I absolutely relished my starter of rabbit and main course of venison and so much more besides, all as the flames rose and fell in the fireplace.

Great to meet up again with Eileen Fleming, the ideal hostess. She was telling me about their two special Christmas events and I just had to agree that the beautifully decorated Georgian dining rooms, open fires and flickering candlelight are “the perfect backdrop for a Magical Christmas”.

Husband Michael, an Award Winning Chef Patron, recently proclaimed the Best Chef in Munster by the Good Eating Guide, “always creates something truly special. A choice of many classical Christmas dishes, seasonal game, partridge, venison and of course our boozy Christmas Pudding complete a menu that is truly exceptional.” Sounds good to me.

And while you are enjoying some of the best food in Cork, you can take in a special musical show, featuring Roos Demi and Olivia O’Connell.

Two Special Party Dates
 Saturday 24th November Thursday 13th December
An original evening of music, song and fine dining,
with a definite Christmas theme:
"Un Histoire D'amour a Noel"
performed by the new music duo
Roos Demi and Olivia O’Connell
(think Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel)
Unique to Flemings.
Early booking advised. €55.
 Ring 021 4821621    
Or email via

Of course, there is much more going on at Fleming’s in the lovely building they purchased in 1989 and set about restoring. Great meals every night and don’t forget the Christmas lunches, gift vouchers, the goodies in their Christmas shop and, maybe it is a bit soon to be mentioning it, their New Year’s Eve special. Check it all out here