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Beer of the Week. Mescan Westport Saison, enhanced by longer ageing.

Beer of the Week

Enhanced by longer ageing.

Mescan Westport Saison, 5.8% ABV, 330ml bottle No 21 Coburg Street

The colour of this Mescan is mid-gold, slightly hazy with a soft white head that sinks slowly. Aromas include clove and citrus notes. It is dry and light on the palate, effervescent and refreshing, full of concentrated flavour. It is refreshing, and also very well balanced, with the New World hops matched by the earthy spicy yeast flavours, and you don't really notice the highish alcohol. But do sip rather than gulp!

Not just an excellent saison but also another superb beer from Westport's Mescan and Very Highly Recommended. It is the kind of beer that, once it hits the palate, makes you take notice. You may also want to note that it has an ABV of 5.8%.

There is something different, something more wide-ranging about this Mescan saison. Flavours are more concentrated, longer lasting, and the experience more satisfactory. More than likely it comes from longer ageing (a brewery policy). 

On my 2023 visit to the rural brewery in Mayo, brewer and co-founder Cillian Ó'Móráin explained that Mescan beers take a minimum of 4 months with the heavier ones getting 6-8 months. In contrast, your normal craft beer takes just a few weeks from start to shop (can vary from brewer to brewer). While the extra time makes the Mescan more expensive, Cillian reckons it is crucial for the quality of the beer. And it is indeed a premium product, illustrated well by this superb saison. 

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