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From Nightclub to Green Oasis: A Sustainable Feast at Killarney's Urban Farm

 From Nightclub to Green Oasis.

 Sustainable Feast at Killarney's Urban Farm

 "Imagine feasting on fresh vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers grown in a former nightclub! This isn't a scene from a dream, but a reality at the Killarney Urban Farm, a pioneering initiative by the O'Donoghue Ring Group.”

Farm cocktail

Bug off! In the nicest possible way.

The farm's leafy utopia wasn't without its initial challenges. Uninvited guests with wings (of the insect variety!) discovered this green haven and started making themselves at home. But the O'Donoghue Ring Group didn't resort to spray. Instead, they outsmarted the insects with a strategic planting of their favourite treats just outside the doors – a genius 'green' solution!”

The Tour

Your eco-adventure begins at the Plaza Hotel, where your guide whisks you to the nearby Towers Hotel. Here, transformed from its clubbing days, the former Kube nightclub now houses a thriving vertical garden. Towering structures teem with vibrant chard, ruby red radicchio rossa, fragrant marjoram, and even edible nasturtiums – a visual and aromatic feast for the senses.”

Gubbeen Chorizo Croquette

 The Tastes

After witnessing the magic of hydroponics, it's time to tantalize your taste buds. Indulge in a selection of delectable canapés featuring farm-fresh produce paired with creative cocktails, some featuring honey harvested from the hotel's rooftop beehives – a taste of true hyper-local goodness!

"Following a delightful interlude, your journey continues back to the cosy confines of the Tan Yard restaurant in the Plaza where a three-course meal awaits, showcasing the farm's bounty in all its glory. The chefs themselves are on hand to answer any questions and share their culinary passion.”

Three satisfying courses lay ahead and there’s also a wine and beer pairing available. The beer includes the local ales from Killarney Brewing and Distilling in Fossa - enjoy a pint of their Blonde.


Menu Highlights:

Canapés at the Farm

The Gubbeen Chorizo Croquette features fermented rainbow chard (from seed to plate) and an Urban Farm chimichurri and is a great starter. Next up could be the Lamb Rack (Pistachio Crust, warm Pearl Couscous, Onion, Pomegranate and Mint Lamb jus). Just perfect.

Finish with the delicious Yuzu Cake (lime sponge, white chocolate crumb, and buttermilk honey crumb - you can guess where that honey came from!). or perhaps enjoy an impressive plate of Irish Farmhouse Cheese, starting with Bluebell Falls Goats, going on to cheddar and blue, accompanied by grapes, nuts and crackers.

Yuzu cake

”The Killarney Urban Farm Tour & Taste is an experience that nourishes both body and soul. Leaving you feeling informed, satiated, and perhaps a touch greener, it's a testament to the O'Donoghue Ring Group's commitment to sustainability and innovation.”

Check out dates and booking at the Urban Farm’s website here. 

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