Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Taste of the Week. Carraig Beag cheese from Carrigaline

Taste of the Week. 

Carraig Beag cheese from Carrigaline

Mild and Silky from the O'Farrell family in Carrigaline.

Padraig O'Farrell is the man behind Carrigaline Farmhouse Cheese these days. The O'Farrell cheese story began  over thirty years ago when Ann and Pat, Padraig’s parents, first produced their semi-hard cow’s milk cheese from their own herd, after Pat had undertaken a six-month cheese course at UCC. Now the family processes a variety of cheeses “based on our own unique recipe for both the national and international market. All of our cheese is handmade and available all year round”.

Made with pasteurised cow's milk, Carraig Beag is a full-fat semi-hard cheese and is suitable for vegetarians. This high-quality flavoursome cheese, silky and mild as claimed, is our Taste of the Week. Carrigaline cheese is widely available and we got this one in the local Dunnes Stores.

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