Thursday, April 11, 2024

Taste of the Week. The Grumpy Bakers Sandwiches

Taste of the Week

Massive Sandwiches by The Grumpy Bakers

Spotted the Grumpy Bakers shop/café as I crossed Washington Street by Finns Corner yesterday at lunchtime and popped in to take a look. Immediately the display of sandwiches caught my eye and I bought a couple. It is possible to eat them there (they have a few tables), they can heat them for you if you are taking them out for consumption nearby, or box and bag them if, like us, you are heading home.

The first one I spotted in the selection was their Mediterranean, a generous mix of chicken, basil mayo, sundried tomato pesto, and greens served in a sea salt focaccia. Back at base, CL claimed that though it was shared and we both enjoyed it.

My main bite though was the other purchase. The Salami, Brie, Mustard Mayo, Chilli Honey and Rocket combination was a beauty packed between two large country sourdough slices and our Taste of the Week. Spicy salami, delicious cheese and peppery rocket ensured this one took off with a whole payload of texture and flavour.

A second call is on the cards as their other sandwiches also looked inviting and of course, they have more than sandwiches to explore on the packed counter. And then there's all that top-quality bread!

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