A Quart of Ale± #59. On the craft journey with a mixed session: Blacks, Boundary, Larkins, West Kerry.

A Quart of Ale± #59

On the craft journey with a mixed session: Blacks, Boundary, Larkins, West Kerry. 

Blacks Ace of Haze Battle of the Tropics DDH Hazy IPA 5.5%, 440 can Bradleys

Yellow-gold is the colour of this latest Ace of Haze from Blacks of Kinsale as they put Azzaca and Mosaic hops through their paces in the Battle of the Tropics. A soft fluffy head sits on top of the haze.

They say: Meet the newest member of the Ace of Haze family, fresh off the canning line. Azzaca and Mosaic do battle to bring you a double dry hopped (DDH) hazy IPA, bursting with mango, pineapple and floral citrus flavours and aromas.

Fruity and floral notes, pine too, in the aromas and that continues on the palate of an interesting mid-bodied and heftily-hopped IPA. It is instantly friendly in the mouth, full of flavour and refreshing, very easy to get along with and there’s quite a finalé as well. 

Quite a combination and one for the short list!

Boundary Very Serious Situation Pils 4.8%, 440 can Bradleys

Light gold is the colour here, slightly hazy with no shortage of rising bubbles. Aromas are mildly fruity (citrus perhaps). Fruity too on the palate, a touch of spice also, refreshing with a dry lip-smacking finish. Very Serious Situation is a pretty serious contender in this style!

I haven’t heard too much of Tettnang, yet this German hop has a long history and is used in the production of a huge variety of beers, including everything from German Pilsners to American Pale Ales.

Not too much info on the beer on their website other than to mention it’s a “crisp, refreshing Pils, generously hopped with Tettnang”. Credit for the can artwork goes to  John Robinson. Boundary is a cooperative brewery owned by its members.

They say: In December 2014, we offered our first members the chance to start a brewery that we could all be proud of! In eight days, we raised £100k and welcomed 447 members to our Cooperative.We got to work immediately. Loads of people missed out on our initial Community Share offer, but we had what we needed to get off to an amazing start.In January 2015, we took the keys to our brewery in Portview Trade Centre. In May, we brewed our first beers.They sold out immediately.

Since then, we've released four core beers, and a mildly ridiculous amount of specials. Reviews have been amazing. In fact, we’ve been voted the best beer and best Brewery in NI every year since we opened!! In December 2015, we opened membership again, and raised over £160,000 to help us scale. 

Read more here https://boundarybrewing.coop/pages/membership 

Curious Society Citra Pale Ale 4.5%, 440ml can Bradleys

Curious Society is the name of a series of better value beers from Larkins. They say: A classic pale using one of our house yeasts and one of the all-time best hop varieties Citra.

Yellow is the colour and the head is short-lived. Mango, guava, and lychee fruit is what you expect from the Citra hop and that exotic melange is more or less what you get here. No real bitterness about this well-made pale ale but it is a very pleasant drink and easily quaffable.

Enjoyed this one very much. I also have their Atlantic 353 West Coast IPA in the queue; looking forward to trying that quite soon!

West Kerry “Carraig Dubh” Porter 6.0%, 500ml bottle Bradleys

This hand-crafted traditional porter comes in a black robe with a creamy brown head. It is more or less chocolate and coffee all the way from here but there is an acidity also at play. 

They say: “Carraig Dubh is a rich luxurious porter brewed with bags of chocolate malt. This bold heavy porter is laden with coffee and chocolate Tones.” It is bottle conditioned and made from malted barley, hops, yeast and spring water “from our own spring”.

Traditional, yes. A bottle (or two) would go down well at the threshings I remember - but not too many threshings on farms anymore.