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Good Day Deli. They Got You Covered

 Good Day Deli. They Got You Covered

Burger in the hot sun!

When the move to outdoor dining gathered momentum, most restaurateurs were thinking how do we protect our diners from the rain. But very few were thinking how do we protect our diners from the sun! None of us expected this current heatwave.

Great to have the sun but these high temperatures have certainly brought a new set of problems with it! Some of us, of a certain age, are less inclined to make the effort to head downtown. And I also think it takes the edge off the appetite. We were in Good Day Deli the other day and were prepared to go the whole nine yards, as it were, and that included dessert. But after a lovely main course in the glaring sun, there was no appetite left for the sweet stuff!

Cool from Ovens

We had mixed luck on a few trips this last month or so. Rather than highlighting the poor ones, I’ll tell you about the very good places. One that impressed in June was the Fiddle & Bow in Doolin with its extensive gazebo/canopy line-up with low sides that reached almost to the ground plus a line of private booths. The Fish Box in Dingle also had a series of these booths (mostly 4-person), nicely finished and constructed, that allow for sixty covers. 

In Cork city Princes Street, with its line of adjoining parasols and the high sided buildings at each side of the narrow street, provide quite a lot of cover from the elements. But other places aren’t as lucky and the extra sun is proving a problem - I almost got burned when I picked up my knife and fork that had been left, obviously for quite a while, on the sunny side of my table; I quickly dropped them.

In fairness though, I didn’t hear one word of complaint when dining outside, either in a mist or in the unusual heat. It seems to me that customers are game to make the best of it as are many of their hosts as well. The more we pull together the further we will go.

Fish from the Coast and Tacos from Tipp

So back to Good Day Deli who, as in previous occasions, run a good ship with regard to the Covid regulations. You get a good run-down on how to proceed on arrival and that doesn’t mean a lecture; time for smiles and chats too as is always the case here.

You may get your menu from a QR code on the table but I thought I was a step ahead having had a look at the menu online before coming down. We were in for the lunch menu (begins at 12.30pm, ends at 4.00pm);  the Morning Menu runs from 10.00am to 12.30pm.

Our view!

Choices included a Seasonal Tart (featuring Hegarty’s Cheddar), Spiced Carrot Fritters, and their well-loved GDD Buddha Bowl with seared Toons Bridge Halloumi). My pick was the Big Kiwi Burger (16.50), a house made lentil burger topped with creamy Ardsallagh Goats Cheese, sweet beet relish, layered with caramelised red onion, leafy greens, carrot ribbons, with hand cut fries. I could have added an organic fried egg for two euro but thought I had enough on my plate.

And it was indeed an excellent plate, lots of textures and flavours there and no shortage of satisfaction either as the helping was generous. And their sweetish Brioche bun was a delightful if unexpected  highlight. Had been looking forward to trying their Bushby Strawberry Soda but that was off the menu. Instead, I enjoyed (as I always do) a bottle of the delicious Mealagulla Apple Juice, one of the best around and a regular on the menu here. 

As you can gather, their support of local producers has been unwavering since they started here a short few years back. They say: “Sustainable food nourishes us, protects the natural environment and supports thriving local economies and communities."

Red Abbey, just a few metres from Good Day Deli entrance

We were dining outside, of course. They have a line of gazebos on a higher level in the garden but these are reserved for groups of four people.  We were on their patio and, while there is an awning overhead, CL was trying to fit herself into a diminishing slice of shade as she enjoyed her Kai Moana Fish Tacos (17.95). This is lightly battered Irish Hake on Blanco Nino Tortillas with raw slaw, pickle and coriander aioli, served with hand cut paprika fries. This is a regular dish here and never disappoints.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t make it to dessert! Next time? Maybe not. Their Morning Menu is very tempting as well!


Good Day Deli

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