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Sunday, February 12, 2023

CorkBillyBeers #11. Craft with APA style beers by Western Herd, Ballykilcavan, West Cork Brewing, Larkins

CorkBillyBeers #11

Craft with APA style beers by Western Herd, West Cork Brewing, Ballykilcavan, Larkins


Western Herd Spanish Point APA, 5.9%, 440ml can, The Cru

In September 1588, the Spanish Armada came to grief on the Clare coast in a savage storm. The legend lives on in the name of the place and in the name of this American Pale Ale (APA) from the Western Herd brewery. 

The pungent aromas of the all-American hop quartet make their presence felt at the outset, even as you pour this mid-golden American Pale Ale with its white head that doesn’t hang around too long. Notes of pine and citrus shine in the dank background of the palate. Good thing! (I’ve been listening to Roland Gift recently). The impression has been building, time to sit back and enjoy (and put away the notebook and maybe play the FYC on YouTube).

The Western Herd brewery stands on a picturesque Clare hilltop farm in a converted shed built over 80 years ago “by our great-grandfather”.

“We are a brother and sister team brewing beer the way nature intended.  Our great, great, great, great, great, grandfather farmed the land where our brewery now stands.  Every time we would visit the farm growing up we would think ‘if only we could bottle this’!!!  We aspire to brew beers that embody the charm and character of this idyllic hilltop farm on the west coast of Ireland.”

The brother and sister are Michael Eustace and Maeve Sheehan and the brewer, who just turned up and walked in one day in 2018, is Bridger Kelleher from Montana.

Geek Bits

Style: American Pale

Colombus (Dank, pepper, pungent), Centennial (blossom, orange, resinous), Chinook (Grapefruit, pine, spice), Simcoe (pinem grapefruit, berry)

Stout Mix, Crystal

Very Highly Recommended.


West Cork Brewing Beacon of Hops American Pale Ale, 4.1% ABV, 500ml bottle Ballymaloe Craft Fair

Sherkin Lass has been a favourite with West Cork Brewing customers since they opened in 2014. Now the long standing favourite is reportedly under pressure from this relative newcomer.

Colour is a hazy orange with a soft white top that soon sinks down too to a slim disc. It’s got quite an attractive aroma, citrus and malt. And that sets the scene for the palate where the flavours are citrus led with the malt  (with a slight hint of caramel sweetness) again providing the balance so it turns out fruity and just mildly bitter. Excellent body feel and a lip smacking finish. The brewers recommend pairing it with fish, white meats, mild cheese and salads.

Like all of their beers, this is brewed using their own spring water, is bottle conditioned, unfiltered and vegan friendly. The 2014 brewery is the first Brew-Hotel to set up in Ireland.

Highly Recommended


Ballykilcavan Line Blocker Hazy Pale Ale, 4.9%, 440 ml can, CraftCentral

Ballykilcavan tell us this New World hazy pale ale “is packed with Citra and Amarillo hops”. By the way, did you know Citra is one of the top three most grown hops in the world and is also in the US top five? 

The Line Blocker was one of first ever canned beers at Ballykilcavan. A hazy pale ale, double dry hopping helped promote the aromas and flavours of citrus and tropical fruits that you’ll find.

Colour is a murky amber/orange with a white head that soon runs out of depth. Hops are certainly evident in the aromas with exotic fruits (mango, pineapple, grapefruit and guava) fighting with citrus for space. And it is much the same on the packed palate with mango getting its nose in front of the hop posse. A good stiff drink though (with a resinous backbone), strong lip-drying finish too, thanks to all those hops.

The other ingredients are Malted Barley, oats, water, and yeast. IBU is  54.

If you'd like to join visit the brewery, they’d love to show you around. “You'll hear the family stories from the more than 380 years that we've been at Ballykilcavan, and see the 18th century farmyard behind the brewery. Weather permitting, we'll bring you to the old stable yard, the champion black walnut tree of Ireland and the remains of the walled garden. Then we'll bring you into the brewery itself to find out how we make our beers.”

A few tips here from suppliers CraftCentral

  • Refrigerate on delivery. Especially the hoppy ones.
  • Store beers upright
  • Avoid light
  • Enjoy with friends!
  • Do not age for too long - hoppy beers are very sensitive!

The Line Blocker is Highly Recommended.


Larkins Hustler Pale Ale 4.5% ABV, 440ml can CraftCentral

Larkins tells us this is their “classic best-selling pale ale rebranded for the new range. Hoppy but low in bitterness this beer has been a craft beer favourite since 2018.”

Pale it is, almost lemon in colour, and also very hazy, certainly not see through. The bubbly white head sinks slowly. Aromas are of the hoppy citrus kind and the hops are also in charge of the refreshing palate. For all that though, the finish is not as grippy as you might expect. Not a bad balance at all and a decent refreshing drink indeed.



Saturday, October 1, 2022

Beer of the Year 2022. The September Long List

My Favourite Beers of the Year 2022

Best of September Long List


Hope Limited Edition No. 27 Munich Helles;  Third Barrel Counter Culture Modern Style Pils; Wicklow Wolf Toto Sorachi Italian Pils.



Hope Limited Edition No. 28 Double Rye; Rye River Miami J;  Rascals X Yeastie Boys Krush Groove; Bradleys with Dot Nice One; Blacks Mango & Mosaic.


Third Barrel Day Drinking Part Deux Citra Strata; Larkin’s Tiny Sesh IPA 4.0%,  Stone Barrel Boom Session IPA 4.5% ABV; Post Card Ha’penny Bridge Pale Ale, 4.2 ABV.

Belgian Style Pale Ale: 

Wide Street Sound by Design 

Pale Ale:

Lough Gill Sligo Bay American; Hope American.


Contenders to end of August


August:12 Acres Pale Ale

July: Wicklow Wolf Locavore Summer 2022 Foraged Elderflower Saison

June: Wicklow Wolf Mescan Wit or Without You Belgian Wit

May: Wicklow Wolf Locavore Spring 2022 Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale

April: Whiplash True Love Waits Dry Hopped Pils

March: Lineman Schadenfreude Schwarzbier

February: Wicklow Wolf  “Apex Cherry” Black Cherry Oatmeal Stout.

January: Whiplash Dry the Rain Double Decoction Dunkel

December: Lough Gill Mac Nutty Macadamia Nut

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

A Quart of Ale± #123. On the craft journey with Third Barrel, Rascals, Wide Street and Larkins

 A Quart of Ale± #123

On the craft journey with Third Barrel,  Rascals, Wide Street and Larkins 

Third Barrel Day Drinking Part Deux Citra Strata Session IPA, 4% ABV, 400ml can Bradleys

Our Citra Strata Session IPA is the second in Third Barrel’s series of summer slammers. This one is double dry hopped with Citra and Strata. The first was  called Day Drinkin and was a one hop (Simcoe) beer. That drew a great response and so they were inspired to go again. And here we are.

The current slammer is a hazy pale orange one with a soft white head. Aromas are quite citrus-y. But it is with the impact on the palate that it makes the big impression here. The citrus led fruit and the lip-smacking finish, all in a dank envelope, make this one to note.

We summed up the first Day: Day Drinkin, at the 4% abv, would certainly make for a good session, night or day. As they say themselves: “be sure to pick up a few for your next bbq, camping trip or even just sitting on your own in the kids paddling pool.” 

It seems the opportunities for outdoor recreation are fast fading but there’s nothing to say you can’t enjoy one or more of Part Deux inside, or maybe under an awning, even a tent. Made for a session and well made.

"Initially formed in 2016 as a collaboration between two gypsy brands who wanted their own space, Third Barrel has now grown to be one of the most respected brands in Irish craft beer. Brewing everything from the most wholesome Pils to Triple IPAs and everything in-between.  

Our one and only passion in life is making savage beer and we love sharing that passion with you.”

Rascals X Yeastie Boys Krush Groove IPA 7.0%, 440ml can Yards & Crafts

“The finest NZ hops fused into a tropical & citrus flavour bomb…it’s all peace, love and juice!” 

That is how Rascals introduce this collaboration with Yeastie Boys. Falls flat though; this flavour bomb lacks a detonator.

Let us have a look. And a taste. Orange is the colour, hazy for sure. Nice white head but doesn’t hang about. Aromas are rather modest, soft notes of citrus and also tropical. 

They have deployed a quartet of New Zealand hops here: Galaxy, Nelson, Betty and the lesser known Riwaka and expected flavours include citrus and tropical. Clearly, a lot of work from the collaborators to get here. Was it worth it? Not for me. 

What I did enjoy from Rascals recently was a pint of their superb 4.4% stout on draught at the Celtic Whiskey bar in Killarney. Big thumbs up for that one!

Geek Bits

Malt: Low Colour Marris Otter Malt, Vienna Malt, Torrified Wheat, Naked Oat Malt

Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, Betty, Riwaka

Yeast: LAX

ABV: 7%

Larkin’s Tiny Sesh IPA 4.0%, 440ml can Yards & Crafts

This little Sesh, with a punky gorilla on the front label, could well be described in my shorthand as troppy, meaning hoppy with tropical aromas and flavours. And it’s true enough as regards the aromas, pretty big indeed. And it is quite juicy and with much the same fruits on the palate. 

So no bother in agreeing with Larkin’s Insta summation: “Our new improved session IPA with bigger aroma and body.” Well balanced beer, easy to drink and easy to enjoy.

The label claims it’s an East Coast style and, that is confirmed by tasty tropical notes, less bitterness and the hazy appearance (not so hazy that you can’t see the fountains of bubbles rise to the top). 

Ingredients are listed as Barley, Wheat, Oats, Hops, Water and Yeast. Tiny is part of the new Larkin’s core range and is available in single cans and in “a great value” 440ml 4 pack. One of those beers that might well make the jump to draught.


Wide Street Sound by Design Pale Ale 4.4%, 440ml can Yards & Crafts

Wide Street’s Belgian style Pale Ale has a light, almost lemony colour with a soft white head that persists a while over the haze. Aromas and flavours are tropical and hoppy and there is the slight clove-ish hint on the nose and on the clean and refreshing palate, the aromas and flavours coming, Wide Street say, from the freshest American hops (El Dorado and Idaho 7 in this case). 

An interesting, very dry and lip-smacking beer from the Longford brewery.

Ingredients: Malted Barley, wheat, oats, water, hops and  yeast.

Unfiltered can-conditioned and contains yeast sediment.

Best paired with your favourite music, they hint!

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

A Quart of Ale± #107. On the craft journey with Third Barrel, Kinnegar, Wicklow Wolf, Mescan, Larkin's

A Quart of Ale± #107

On the craft journey with Third Barrel, Kinnegar, Wicklow Wolf, Mescan, Larkin's 


Third Barrel Some Dance To Remember Extra Pale Ale 4.8%, 

440 ml can Bradleys

Beautiful gold/amber colour, hazy of course, with a soft head that takes its time to say goodbye. Exotic fruit as expected in the aroma with Mango and Passion Fruit leading the dank charge. Those flavours also feature on the well-balanced palate along with the tart gooseberry from the Nelson. Another excellent well-executed beer, a slam-dunk, from the Third Barrel crew.

They say: We're kicking off the slamming season with an absolute slammer of a pale ale. This little beauty was brewed with our favourite hops. Strata and Nelson Sauvin.. All this, with a simplified malt bill leaves a crisp and fruit forward extra slammable extra pale ale.

Who are Third Barrel? Initially formed in 2016 as a collaboration between two gypsy brands who wanted their own space. Third Barrel has now grown to be one of the most respected brands in Irish craft beer. Brewing everything from the most wholesome Pils to Triple IPAs and everything in-between. “Our one and only passion in life is making savage beer and we love sharing that passion with you.”


Some Dance to Forget is the name of a companion to this one - it takes two to tango. “Big, Bold and in your Face is how we describe this beer. A Triple IPA brewed with 25g/l of Mosaic and Idaho 7. With a trimmed back malt bill to let the hops shine. You can expect a HUGE punch of Grapefruit, Pineapple with a touch of fruit candy.”

Kinnegar Brewers at Play 23 Mango Gose 4.3%, 440ml can Bradleys

This Mango Gose from Kinnegar Brewery comes in a hazy lemon robe with a head that is something of a shrinking violet.  Aromas indicate the expected sourness, mango in the background, yeasty hints too.  The mango gets its chance to shine on the palate, where the beer is now confirmed as tart and refreshing. No big finish but the refreshment came earlier.

Kinnegar say: “Brewers at Play presents new beers designed to keep our brewers on their toes and our customers on their tenterhooks. .No 23 in the series, Mango Gose does pretty much what it says on the tin…If this tart refreshing beer balanced with bright mango doesn’t herald the arrival of Spring, surely nothing will.”

Spring has started but this well balanced gose, with gentle salt and mild sourness, and its refreshing tartness, will also shine during the summer.

Ingredients: water, barley, wheat, oats, mango, hops, yeast. 

This once-off comes in a 440ml can with an ABV of 4.3%. 

Wicklow Wolf Mescan Wit or Without You Belgian Wit 5.0%, 440 ml can Bradleys

For the latest in the brewery’s Crossbreed Series, Wicklow Wolf collaborated, very successfully as it turned out, with Mayo’s Mescan Brewery:

“We are delighted to welcome our good friends from Mescan to brew something special. Cillian is a wizard (he even looks like one) when it comes to brewing Belgian inspired Irish beers, so when we discussed brewing a beer together, it was always going to be a Belgian style. Wit or Witout you is a perfect summer beer.” 

This is indeed a light and refreshing Belgian style Witbier and pours a hazy lemon with a white head that soon sinks. Of course you’ll immediately note that banana heads up the aromatics. The palate is more complex, the banana still there along with traces of the fresh orange peel and herbal notes as well. A very pleasant beer indeed with a touch of sweetness evident, low carbonation and light with a malty sweetness and excellent flavour. A big thumbs up!

This unfiltered and unpasteurised natural beer contains Indian C coriander, orange zest, and black peppercorn. No banana!

Larkins with Dot Brew American Breakfast Stout 8.5%, 440ml can Bradleys

Billed as “Our north American interpretation of their breakfast stout classic, with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup”. They named it, well, American Breakfast Stout.

It is black, so far so good. The off-white head vanishes quickly. And coffee heads up the aromatics. As you drink, the coffee continues in the aromas while the Maple Syrup (and vanilla to a lesser degree) get showtime on the palate. Sweet for sure, no denying that, but there is something of a balance here, something of a saving grace but hardly a stairway to beer heaven.

At least I can finish this one, one of a trio Larkins produced in collaboration with Dot Brew. But I should have paid much more attention to the labels when buying, especially the list of ingredients: Barley, Lactose, Coffee, Oats, Hops, Water, Yeast, Maple Syrup and Vanilla. American yes but not the Full Irish! 


Monday, May 16, 2022

A Quart of Ale± #105. On the craft journey with Wide Street, The White Hag, Whiplash, Larkins

A Quart of Ale± #105

On the craft journey with Wide Street, The White Hag, Whiplash, Larkins 


Wide Street Vienna Lager 4.9%, 440ml can Bradleys

It’s a Vienna Lager, so it is from the darker hemisphere of the style, opaque orange with an off white soft slow-sinking head. Some rich malt in the aromas but spicy and floral elements from the hops also prominent. And so it continues, malty, floral, spicy, an engaging combo on the palate. But nothing extreme, all in moderation and the result is an excellent beer with great depth of flavour. It has perfect balance and a good finish.

Lip-smackingly refreshing, nice bit of cutting in this one. The medium bitterness comes from the Magnum hops while a finish of Saaz keeps it spicy and floral. The majority of the malt is Vienna and Pilsner with a tiny amount of dark crystal giving even more colour plus a slight malt richness. For all that, you don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that this is a lager.

Wide Street, who are Longford based, say they love experimenting with alternative and wild fermentation methods. “We use traditional brewing processes with open top-fermenters. Our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised and can-conditioned which means that beers are re-fermented in the can with a champagne yeast strain. Most of our beers are very dry and fully fermented with a final gravity below 1.003.”

In previous Quarts, we have reviewed their Cashmere IPA here, their Peach Berliner Sour or Sweet here, and their Mills Pils Farmhouse Pils here. 

The White Hag Little Olcan Brett Session IPA, 4.2%, 330ml can Bradleys 

This little White Hag is a hazy light yellow colour with a soft slow-fade white head. Not too sure about the claimed “white wine bouquet” but certainly it is citrous, even a little on the funky side. And that funky bit continues on to the palate, nothing too far out mind you. Fruity, floral and herby and dry on the finish. A refreshing little number for sure..

They have put a lot of work into it: Little Olcan is the baby brother of our original brett IPA, Olcan. This Farmhouse-style session IPA is fermented with our house Brettanomyces blend, in French wine barrels specially sourced from the Bordeaux region. This beer is matured for up to 12 months to allow the Brett to develop its bright, unique character. Then, just before canning, we dry hop in steel tanks with Mosaic and El Dorado to further accentuate the complex and fruity character of the yeast.

Whiplash Got To Keep On Pale Ale 5.3%, 440ml can Bradleys

There’s a burst of aromatic hops as you pull the tab on this one. It pours a light hazy orange in the glass with a soft bubble-laden head that hangs around for a spell. Citrus (they suggest lemon drops and I could agree, no problem) leads the fruit in the aromas and turns up again on the palate which is beautifully balanced, no extremes whatsoever, just very smooth and extremely drinkable. Perfectly acceptable finish also with just enough bitterness to keep it on the rails.

Web: Our #IWCBD beer is here! Got To Keep On was brewed for #IWD and had input from the whole team – like all our beers. A beer created by a team that features our talented female brewers is not a special occasion, it’s any day of the week and any of our beers, and we wanted to highlight that as part of the Unite Celebration theme. We landed on a Pale Ale as we wanted something pint-able and crushable and we’re pretty sure we’ve done that!

By the way, #IWD stands for International Women’s Day. I’ll leave you work out what #IWCBD stands for, something to do as you sip this gorgeous beer! 

Geek Bits

Malts: Golden Promise, Oat Malt, Carapils, 

Hops: Aus Vic Secret (Passion fruit, resinous, pineapple), NZ Azacca (Mango Tropical Orange), USA El Dorado (Apricot, Tropical, Citrus).

ABV 5.3%

440ml cans and kegs

Artwork by @sophie_devere

Released: March 2022.

Larkins Judge Fudge Imperial Stout 8.5%, 440ml can Bradleys

Close to black with a tan head that stays around. A hint of nutmeg and cinnamon in the otherwise toasty aromas. Maple syrup steps to the front in the flavours where there is a lot going on, maybe too much. After all, ingredients include Barley, Lactose, Cinnamon, Fudge brownie, Oats, Hops, Water, Yeast, Cacao Nibs, Sea Salt, Nutmeg, and Maple Syrup. Much too sweet for me though.

The label says this is a “spiced salted maple fudge brownie imperial stout” and is best served warmer than chilled. They are obviously happy with it: “..feckin delicious! Not sure there's much more to say on this but when we sat down together with @dot_brew, we decided we wanted to achieve layers of flavours that balance where it's not overly sweet and no one flavour is overpowering.”

Thursday, April 21, 2022

A Quart of Ale± #101. On the craft journey with Whiplash, Wicklow Wolf, Western Herd, Larkins

 A Quart of Ale± #101

On the craft journey with Whiplash, Wicklow Wolf, Western Herd, Larkins

Wicklow Wolf Tundra Tropical Pale Ale 5.6%, 440ml can Bradleys

This Tropical Pale Ale from the busy Wicklow Wolf comes in a cloudy orange-y colour with a white top. Aromas are more or less all tropical: pineapple, mango, papaya and grapefruit; there’s a hint of pine there also.

And those same fruits provide the flavours on the palate. Indeed the flavours have the run of it as there is just a modest bitterness. It is a smooth one, almost creamy. Very very drinkable though!

Geek Bits:

Style: Tropical IPA*.

IBUs: 30

Hops: Idaho 7, Mosaic, Citra & Sabro 

Malts: Pale, Wheat, Flaked Oats, Cara

*  The label also says New England IPA, and I’m inclined to go with that but I won’t be getting too hung up about it. As the Beer Bible says: “Styles trigger endless debates..across the planet. Approach them lightly.” 

Whiplash True Love Waits Dry Hopped Pils 5.0%, 440ml can Bradleys

This is how Whiplash introduce, sorry reintroduce, True Love Waits: “We’re taking it back to the very start of the Whiplash story today, to the halcyon days of 2016. Before we had a brewery, before 440ml cans & white labels. What we did have though was True Love Waits, a dry hopped Pilsner and our third ever release.”

And now it’s back. Clean and bright light gold with a foamy white head that lasts a bit. Aromatics are engaging, not at all heavy, light white/yellow fruits, citrus (including Bergamot). And that citrus influence is also strong on the clean refreshing palate, the unusual mix of the US Columbus hops (for the dry hopping) and their German lager yeast pulling it off to come up with a crisp, sessional, light and piney lager. Superbly balanced between malts and hops. Top stuff indeed.

Whiplash make as many beers as other prolific breweries but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dud from the Dublin based outfit. Quality control seems to be in-house here rather than putting the punter to the expense of finding out for him or herself. Kudos for that. The kind of brewery worth supporting.

Not the only one thinking that some breweries should hold off for a period of refinement before sending a new issue into the public domain. Here's part of a recent tweet by Jeff Alworth (@beernirvana): ..Breweries spin out so many IPAs that the vast majority taste like beta versions of a beer that might come into focus in another three batches... 

Geek Bits

Malts: Pilsner Malt, Carapils

Hops: Hersbrucker (German), Columbus (USA)

Yeast: WLP833

ABV: 5.0%

Format: 440ml Cans & limited kegs

Artwork: @sophie_devere

Western Herd Flora and Fauna 10 Hop Double IPA 9.45%

During a recent discussion online, the presenter said this was an absolute bomb of a beer and “has really put Western Herd on the map”. 

It certainly made a huge impression during its launch year of 2021 and the Beernut blog made it their Best Canned Irish Beer: “The apotheosis of the West Coast revival, this brought me back to a time when big and punchy American hops on a clean malt base, served brewery-fresh, was the most perfect thing ever produced for humans to drink.”

This can, marked #158, is from Batch No 4.  Last year's production: Batch 1 was 137, 2 was 152 and 3  was 154. Like the others, Batch 4 has ten hops but here they have dropped Strata for Galaxy. Brewer Bridger Kelleher says he wanted “to see how Galaxy played in there.” It is a limited release, mainly in Clare, with limited distribution outside of the Banner.

In the style of a West Coast DIPA, it is gold in colour and you can see zillions of micro bubbles rising through the clear juice towards the white foamy head. Aromas, with pine needles and pineapple prominent, are intense (some would say dank).

With the Strata hops (described as “Passion fruit meets pot”) missing from the current line-up, is it perhaps a little less dank? Maybe so but I’d need the two versions together to even hazard a guess. When not describing something as “moist” and “humid” like a basement, dank is a slang term describing something as “excellent,” especially marijuana.

Certainly, the impressive posse of tropical flavours remains strong on the palate. Such flavours often get lost when the ABV is high but that is not the case here so major credit to the brewery. And the umami just goes on, the hop-packed juice giving complex flavour right to the very satisfactory finalé. 

They say: ..we’ve packed in the largest number of hops ever into this Double IPA. Designed to let the hops shine through, we’ve built a complex and layered flavour profile.”

Eight of the hops listed below have been used in the kettle and then they double dry-hopped it “heavily” with Nelson Sauvin and (now) Galaxy. To be fair, the malts also keep their end up, even if outnumbered on the credits list.

Columbus, El Dorado, Cascade, Citra, Centennial, Nelson Sauvin,
Strata, Amarillo, Chinook. Galaxy has replaced Strata for Batch #4

Pale, Stout Mix



Original Gravity


Larkins Chocolate Passion Imperial Stout 8.5%, 440ml can Bradleys

This Larkin’s stout, brewed with “our friends @dot_brew", is as dark as can be with a quick-vanishing tan head. Best served warmer than chilled they said and that is what I did. Passion fruit purée is included as an ingredient and so too is vanilla and the dessert impression continues on the palate. Not for me, I’m afraid to say.

Full ingredients list: Barley, Lactose, Oats, Hops, Water, Yeast, Passion Fruit purée, Vanilla.


Beer Bits!

Beoirfest and Barrels in Brewing:

Brian has been in touch about the latest online session: "I think I'm safe in saying that if you have any interest in barrels in brewing you'll want to watch this more than once. It's hard to imagine a panel with more expertise and passion for the subject than the one we were very luck to have; The Wild Beer Co., ASC Barrels, Zmajska Pivovara, and Brasseria della Fonte

If you haven't seen it yet be sure to make time. It's now available at"


News from Cork, as reported by the ECHO, is that Elbow Lane Brewery is to double its tiny capacity. Small but the beers are excellent.


Rye River have A little slice of sunshine just for you.

Wondering where you can find our latest Rye River Seasonal Kahuna Krush Tropical Sour near you? Check out our website here for a current list of stockists 👉 We'll continue to update our list as it rolls out, so check back!