Taste of the Week. Clonakilty Distillery's Minke Gin

Taste of the Week.
Clonakilty Distillery's Minke Gin

Distillery photo shows the gin with Rock Samphire, one of the botanicals.
The Minke Irish gin is our Taste of the Week. It is produced in West Cork by the new-ish Clonakilty Distillery. It is named after the whale, a regular off the coast here, and makes a refreshing and delightful impression on the palate.
Interestingly, two local botanicals (Sea Pink and Rock Samphire), are used.

The Minke is made here in a much smaller set-up compared to the adjacent whiskey stills. No less than five separate distillations are required to ensure that the best is extracted from each botanical. Then all five are blended together. “It’s an expensive way to make it but the best way,” said our guide Paddy who took us around when we visited last year. 

The process ensures that the likes of the Sea Pink (with its two week window) is at its freshest best and the use of fresh citrus (rather than dried) gives the Minke an edge as well. And you'll note that the juniper is not quite as prominent as in more traditional gins. None the worse for that. The aromas are attractive and the mouthfeel is close to velvety. Quite a harmonious and refined gin; our Taste of the Week is a lovely sip indeed.

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