Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Taste of the Week. Blacks Brewery KPA

Taste of the Week
Blacks Brewery KPA

I was sipping a Blacks Brewery KPA in the bar at the Celtic Ross Hotel the other night. It is one of my favourite ales. Blacks usually get it right and they have had this spot on from the beginning. It is consistently excellent, the perfect balance.

And it is that balance between malt and hops the I find attractive.Some brewers go too heavy on the malt for their pale ales but this recipe allows the hops, a mix of Cascade and Citra, to shine through, along with the grapefruit and lime and other citrus elements, while the malt too plays its part not least in giving a delicious mouthfeel. And there’s a good crisp finish there as well.

This 5% American style ale is indeed perfectly balanced just like the guy from the band who is putting in a very athletic solo display of Irish dancing on the bar floor. Don’t think I’d ever had that kind of timing and balance - I've always preferred a different kind of tap. By the way, will we all be dancing solo for the months ahead?

Farm Lane,
Co. Cork, Ireland
Email: info@blacksbrewery.com

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