TablePath. Way to Go

TablePath. Way to Go

It is six o’clock and Chez Paddy is unexpectedly busy. A group of students have just walked in. There is no one to answer the phone which is ringing off the wall. The guy at the other end of the line loses patience and looks up Seanie’s Place instead. He notices Seanie’s are on TablePath. A few clicks and he has booked a table for four (flagging one coeliac among the quartet) for the following evening with instant confirmation.

Haven't heard of TablePath  before? It’s quite possible you have already used it. Greene's Restaurant, Richy’s in Clonakilty, South County Bar, Brick Oven in Bantry, the Thomond Bar and the Cliff House in Ardmore are amongst current users.

I hadn't heard about it either until Andrew Monaghan, TablePath Sales Manager (and a friend of mine from my soccer days), gave me a demo and told me all about it. “It helps restaurants manage many aspects of their business including online reservations, marketing, electronic vouchers and website. It's a fully integrated solution and its huge time saving benefits are being seen by every restaurant / bar / hotel using the software.”

If you are a restaurant customer, it is ideal. Even if the time you want is fully booked, you can add yourself to a waiting list. No need either to miss out on any special events, promotions or discounts; just add yourself to the restaurant mailing list, delivered via TablePath of course. Contact Andrew at 086-6079650 or

There are probably three main headings under which the restaurant (hotel or bar or deli) benefits.
Manage the queue quietly online

Help Manage Your Time: Many tasks are automated to help free up your time. These include reservation management, automated promotions and many more. By the way, if someone calls in off the street to book a table that evening, a staff member can use his or her own traceable code to add the booking to TablePath. And the software can even help with table layout.

Get To Know Your Customers: Gain insight into your customers and provide an ever more personalised experience for each customer.

Effectively Promote Your Restaurant: TablePath provides tools to promote your restaurant to your previous customers, social media fans and on your website within minutes. So, if you have a new menu, it is easy to let them all know.

Other features include: Responsive website, Promotions, Analytics, Recurring Promotions, Pages that work on any device, E-Commerce, Menu Manager and Reviews. Sounds a lot, yet this Cloud Based solution (locally developed, by the way) is simple to use for both restaurant and customer. Check it out at

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