Master the art of Bread Baking

Master the art of Bread Baking with the Fabulous Master Baker, Fabrice Hergaux, of The Butler’s Pantry.

A Bread for Every Occasion with The Butler’s Pantry!

Master the art of bread baking with Fabrice Hergaux, Master Baker at The Butler's Pantry.  Fabrice will be letting guests in on some of his secrets that he has learned over a long and successful career. You will learn how to make brioche and how to transform it into different shapes such as mice and tortoises!  Fabrice will also be showing guests at the Miele Gallery how to make traditional flat bread with special attention on the French classic the ‘Savoyard’!  This is the very famous French bread that hails from the Mont Blanc region and uses unusual ingredients including potatoes, bacon lardons, Reblcohon cheese and cream. Lastly the demonstration will focus on Viennois bread - the 'plait', 'pain au lait' and 'plaisir au chocolat' a favourite for every breakfast table!
The night will commence at 6.30pm with refreshments from The Butler’s Pantry on arrival followed by a night of learning the secrets of making the best bread and of course tasting all that Fabrice bakes!
Now just think of the next brunch you are planning at home and how impressed your guests will be!

Event Details

Event :            Bread Making with the Fabulous Fabrice, Master Baker at The Butler’s

Date :              Tuesday 14th May 2013

Time :             6.30pm – 8.30 pm

Venue :           Miele Gallery, 2024 Bianconi Avenue, Citywest Business Campus,
Dublin 24
Miele in conjunction with The Butler’s Pantry run an amazing array of demonstrations throughout the year at their Miele Gallery in Citywest for full details visit
Tickets : €25 for 1 person and €40 for 2 persons, spaces are limited, to purchase tickets tel : 01 461 0710 or email