Loire Lesson #3. Loving Cabernet Franc.

Loire Lesson #3
Domaine de Roncée, Chinon 2007, 12.5% abv, €17.95, Karwig 

Agreeable aromas of dark fruits greet you, some spice also. This red, produced from the Cabernet Franc grape, is juicy and fruity, fresh, light and well balanced with an excellent long finish.

The official description says it is “tender and easy to drink”. Easy to drink for sure, even though it seems stronger than its 12.5%. But I would be inclined to dispute “tender” as there is a fair bit of backbone in this one. Very Highly Recommended.

By the way, the Christophe Baudry and Jean-Martin Dutour, named on the front label are mentioned among the top Chinon producers by Hugh Johnson in his 2012 handbook.

And the lesson? Well, it is easy to love Cabernet Franc. And I’m looking forward to trying it out on its home soil when I visit Chinon later in the summer. Still looking for tips for the Loire area.