Food and Drink Spotting

Food and Drink Spotting

Folláin No Added Sugar Jams
Couldn’t have been better timed by the folks at Folláin. A couple of samples of their new No Added Sugar Range of jams arrived in the post this morning, just as my previous marmalade reached the end of the jar. Luckily, they had included Marmalade and that pot got an immediate test! And passed, with flying colours.

Like the jams in the range, the marmalade has no sugar added. Only the natural sweetness of concentrated grape juice is used. This natural grape juice sweetness produces a delicious fresh taste! And that trademark tang of the orange is still there. And the blackcurrant is brilliant also, a terrific balance of tasty fruit and flavour

The No Added Sugar range includes that Orange Marmalade and the following jams: Blackcurrant, Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla and Apricot. Must get my hands on the Blackberry (my favourite of the regular range) and also on the Apricot which has won the Gold Medal at the UK Great Taste Awards!

Health & Nutrition: When it comes to eating healthy, Folláin No Added Sugar and Salt range of preserves and relishes are very convenient for those wishing to reduce the salt and sugar content of their diet. They are also recommended for diabetics wishing to use a no added sugar jam or marmalade. The Folláin No Added Sugar/Salt Range are 100% natural, made from fresh fruit prepared meticulously by hand and contain no added sugar, no artificial colours or preservatives and are sweetened naturally with grape juice. They are also gluten free.

“15 grams of Folláin No Added Sugar jam or marmalade only contains approximately 25 kcal and 5 grams of carbohydrate. Compare this with a normal jam or marmalade where a similar amount (15 grams) contains approximately 40kcal and 10 grams of carbohydrate.”

For lots of info on Folláin Preserves (they also do some great relishes), and more info from their consultant nutritionist Niamh O’Connor, check out their website here . They also have a lively Facebook page with lots of recipes (just in case you thought jam was something you just spread on bread) and the link is

Celebration Stout

I am constantly trying to find an ale that I can really call my own but, almost effortlessly, I keep finding great stouts. The latest is the Porterhouse Celebration Stout (Imperial Irish Stout), available in bottle (33cl) in Bradley’s. North Main Street, Cork.

This is just the job. It comes with a lasting creamy head with a smooth flavoursome body and quite a dry finish. What’s not to like? Well, maybe a bigger bottle. Then again, it is 7% abv.

Treyvaud's Restaurant

Treyvauds is located in Killarney Co Kerry and one of Munster's leading restaurant. Paul Treyvaud has set up their own video channel. “We like to show you how to cook amazing food but also how to make it fun. Join us and please subscribe to ...

Killavullen Farmers' Market (via Facebook)

Next Farmers Market is this coming Saturday, March 2, at 10.30am. “We're under cover so don't let the threat of wet weather stop you from coming out!! We would love to see you.”

IKEA Meatballs (from Australia)

Bia Sásta via Facebook

A garden workshop is coming up @ The Cottage (headquarter of Bia Sásta) on 23rd March. Learn how to grow your own vegetables, the easy way. Tips & tricks from a pro - Kitty Scully. Email for further details