Hugel 2011: My kind of Riesling

Hugel 2011: My kind of Riesling

Hugel Riesling 2011, Alsace (France), 12.5%, €19.99 at Bradley’s Off Licence

Nothing is left to chance by the Hugel family, whose winegrowing tradition in the very centre of Alsace goes back to 1639. The Michelin Wine Regions of France gives the demanding details: “Meticulous harvesting and wine-making methods include the absence of fertilisers, hand-picked grapes, ruthless selection of stock and voluntary restricted yields.”

Sounds pretty severe but one of the result is this Riesling gem.

This is a bright wine, with a mainly straw colour with hints of green. The nose is fresh and fruity and on the palate it is beautiful and fresh and absolutely dry. A lovely, lively example of the variety with a citrus tinged finish. Very Highly Recommended.