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I am always been impressed by the way Midleton’s Green Saffron  treat their customers at the local farmers markets. There might well be a queue building up but if you are at the front and have a query, Arun will give you his full attention and all the info you want to make the best use of his sensational spices, freshly imported. And not just Arun, as the same standard of service is also provided by all at Green Saffron.

And if you are still in doubt, they will have an explanatory leaflet for you to take away to help you make your Korma Sauce or Murgh Tandoori or any of dozens of spicy meals. Armed with the info and the ingredients, you'll find it so simple to cook up a fresh and authentic Indian storm.

And now, it has got even easier. If you’d like a little extra help with your spicy cooking, check out the new videos of Arun rustling up some great meals with his spices and sauces here. Arun is delighted with the way they have turned out: “A big thank you to Robin Murray of Nomos Productions for creating them. Let us know what you think.”

Don’t delay. Check them out today. Already a dozen videos have been posted and more are promised. And while on the site, why not check out the dozens and dozens of recipes already there. Spice up your life!

And not with just any old spices. The difference in Green Saffron is that the spices are brought in whole from farms in their native lands and the fresh spices are mixed into beautiful blends so that you can make a delicious Indian meal in your home kitchen. Variety is the spice of life and Green Saffron has both the variety and spice and you may also buy online. Well worth checking out.