Taste of the Week. East Cork Coffee

Taste of the Week. 

East Cork Coffee

Always on the lookout* for new produce for Taste of the Week and found one recently in the Granary Foodstore in Midleton. It is East Cork Coffee, produced by a well-known local chocolatier.

And it is quite a good one, a medium to dark roast of a Brazilian coffee, our Taste of the Week. 

Unusually, the grind process yields no "fluff" at all. They say: "Exceptional flavour and aroma characteristics. Nutty, semi-sweet, fruit and chocolate." It lives up to its billing for sure and I'll be on the lookout for more of it.

Quite a few coffee roasters in County Cork these days, some better than others, some more expensive than others. 

We're all looking at value nowadays and comparing similar products. Watch out for the different amounts in packets as they all look more or less the same size. The more established roasters, such as the always reliable Golden Bean and Badger & Dodo, have packs that hold 250 grams. Others, like this one, weighs in at 225 while there are a few with just 200grams. All are clearly marked. 

Some, while giving a Best Before date, do not mention the roasting date. Since we are advised to buy coffee as fresh as possible, the roasting info is an essential.

* I usually manage to find a new Taste of the Week on a regular basis but not always. So, if you do have an Irish food (sweet or savoury) or drink product that fits the bill, do please DM me with stockists and I'll go and get one to try.

For more on this product, contact info@EastCorkCoffie.ie