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When Market Lane cook for you, Resistance is zero

When Market Lane cook for you,

Resistance is zero

Rhubarb Crumble

The proof is in the pudding and so the best test of a restaurant is to eat their food. It is a test that Market Lane passes time and time again. As they did at lunch last Wednesday.

Rhubarb Lemonade
Just as well we had made a reservation. Their outside dining area on Oliver Plunkett Street was full and so was their even larger area on Beasley Street. It was packed and buzzing inside as well and we were fortunate to get a large table by a window.

It was one of those heatwave days so a drink was required. Not one with alcohol, even though I am a big fan of their own Elbow Lane beers! They have quite a choice of soft drinks including the usual suspects but also Wild Orchard Apple Juice and a couple of Fentiman’s (Trad. Ginger Beer and Curiosity Cola). Also a selection that they make themselves and from which I picked the delicious and refreshing Homemade Rhubarb Lemonade (€3.20).

The menu is a longish and varied one, even at lunchtime. Main dishes vary from a Vietnamese Chicken Salad to a Slow cooked Rosscarbery bacon collar, from Fish and Chips in an Elbow Lane batter to Pan Fried Hake with a smoked mussel and tomato sauce. And they also offer no less than eight side dishes.

My choice was the Korean bulgogi steak sandwich on sourdough baguette, chilli, sesame and soy marinade, carrots, spring onions, lime mayo and with a helping of excellent house chips (€16.90). A terrific dish and well priced. 

The marinade is key here and the kitchen certainly did it well and the meat was top quality; the sourdough was moistened as well and they all worked so well together, enhanced by the crunch of carrot strips and the onions, the salad leaves and those very tasty fries. Very Highly Recommended. I have tasted quite a few steak sandwiches this summer and oddly enough the two best are within metres of one another; my other favourite was a special at the Oliver Plunkett. Must have a head to head sometime!

We passed on the starters. They have six available ranging from Pea and Courgette fritters with Toonsbridge Fete, mint chutney and labneh to the more substantial Confit Lamb Croquettes with salad and more. You can choose from a range of sandwiches and there’s also a Soup and Sandwich Deal.

But I wasn’t going to pass on the desserts! The lists includes their well loved Orange and Vanilla Bread and Butter pudding, custard and whipped cream. Strawberry Glory, with Bushby’s Strawberries, also caught my eye as did most of the others to be honest.  How about the Ferrero dessert cocktail with Jameson Whiskey, Nutella and espresso garnished with more Nutella and hazelnuts? 

Market Lane photo (via the restaurant)

Having enjoyed the rhubarb drink earlier, I stuck with it for the sweet in the shape of a Roasted Rhubarb and walnut butter crumble with a little jug of warm custard €6.80). Outstanding, another toothsome recommendation for you.

After that it was out into the roasting afternoon, staying on the shady side of the streets as we headed across the north channel and the road to the hills.

Restaurant Info

Opening times:12-late 7 days.

Tel: 021 427 4710,



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