Original 7 Brew Again At The Well

Original 7 Brew Again At The Well 

Original 7 Beverage Co is Cork City’s newest Craft Beer Brand. Brewed at Shane Long's micro-brewery at the rear of The Franciscan Well, Shane has partnered up with brewer Páidí Scully and business partner Steve Guiney to bring his second beer brand to the pubs of Cork City and beyond.

In 1998 Shane Long established the first Microbrewery in Cork on the grounds of The Franciscan Well Bar on The North Mall. Since then, the brewery has produced some award-winning beers enjoyed the world over! In 2022, it’s time for a new generation to take the reigns.

The remainder of the Original 7 Beverage Co. Team consists of Business Partner and Brewery Manager Steve Guiney, Head Brewer Páidí Scully and Junior Brewer Dean Wrenne. With Shane’s legacy in brewing, he will offer guidance and advice to Páidí and Dean as they set about creating a diverse and complex range of beers.

The initial release from Original 7 Beverage Co will focus on three beer styles – Hazy Pale Ale, Lager and Weisse. Each beer will be low in ABV when compared to beers of a similar style but uncompromising on flavour – filling a gap for a truly sessionable but unquestionably artisan beer.

All three beers are now available on draught in the Franciscan Well Bar and the roll out has begun to some of the great pubs of our City. Original 7 Beverage Co beers are now available in:

  •   An Brog

  •   Barbarella

  •   Barbarossa

  •   Brewdog Cork

  •   Corner House

  •   Costigans

  •   Fionnbarras

  •   Fred Zeppelin's

  •   Reardens

  •   The Alibi

  •   The Oliver Plunkett

  •   The Shelbourne

  •   Tom Barry's

    Over the coming months, you will be able to find Original 7 Beverage Co Beers in many more of Cork City’s Pubs and Restaurants as well as some outlets in Dublin and elsewhere around the country.