The Ciù Ciù Casella! More on beers, wines and spirits in Cheers #12

More on beers, wines and spirits in Cheers #12 

Wines direct offer you 

The Ciù Ciù Casella!

Ciù Ciù and Wines Direct have had a close relationship for over ten years. Ciù Ciù's wines have donned the tables of many significant milestone gatherings and family weddings. In celebration, we have put together something very memorable to honour our lasting partnership. You will be delighted to hear that this exceptional offer includes three wines exclusive just to the Ciù Ciù case and three wines that have proved to be permanent staff and customer favourites. Read more here.

****COMPETITION TIME**** At Blacks Brewery. To celebrate summer, Blacks Brewery (@blacksbrewery ) have teamed up with
to offer you the chance to win a case of KPA cans a funky btl opener and 2 tasting glasses. TO WIN just go to @blacksbrewery on Twitter to like, retweet and comment with how many cans are in the window display in the photo below.

Fresh Beer from the White Hag

Fresh out of the tank this week and first time ever on the store is The Fleadh, Red IPA and also the Róc Helles lager - you can order here, and it will ship tomorrow morning! More info here


Rosé wine is winning friends and becoming increasingly popular, thanks to its freshness, fragrantly spicy aromas and appealing colour. It has long since shed the reputation of being “neither fish nor flesh”. Austria offers a wide range of rosé a light, pink-coloured wine made from black grapes; some are particularly delicate, while others can be racy or powerful – a few of them even with protected designation of origin! Read more here.

Kinsale Spirit Launch New Whiskey
Kinsale Spirit have launched their first whiskey; details here