Winding Down in Arcachon.

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Winding Down in Arcachon
Thurs 19th June

The square where the daily Arcachon market takes place.
I have enjoyed all the wine trips on this holiday but it looks as if I’ll have one disappointment. Just can’t get my hands on a couple of bottles of the Listrac (Medoc) white by Saransot-Dupre. Tried another three wine shops in the centre of town today. All told me it was a very good wine but none had it in stock. One guy had the red and says he sometimes has the white but that was as close as it got.

The trip to the town centre, a short one, was otherwise worthwhile and some last minute shopping was done. So no Saransot-Dupre. But it could have been much worse as I had to strongarm Clare out of the path of a motorist who failed to stop at a pedestrian crossing. Indeed, he or she did slow down but then seemed to hit the wrong pedal and shot forward, missing us by inches (as we jumped backwards) and shooting into the middle of the adjacent roundabout. Phew!

Earlier, it had all been much calmer as we took a final turn on our favourite walk here, that around the outer road of the marina. Midweek, but action galore on the water. It never seems to stop.

Our base for the past few weeks.

One of the purchases in the town was a few local craft beers, a different selection to that previously enjoyed. They are all nicely cool now for the evening’s dinner. Again, this is coming from our nearest traiteur, the main course being a Mexican Chicken dish.

Oh, by the way, we broke out this morning and made our first visit to a patisserie and dessert will be a Mille Feuille and a Citron cake. Nice!

After that, will check on England vs Uruguay and then to bed as we’ll have to be up a bit earlier than usual to finish off the packing and hit the long road to Roscoff. Looking forward now to getting home and seeing Roche’s Point in the sunshine. A bientot!

Fisherman and his dog coming back to Arcachon this morning.


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