Sweet End Sauternes. Good Value Lunch There Too.

Sweet End Sauternes. Good Value Lunch There Too.

Wed 18th June 2014
This extended three week wine tasting in Bordeaux just had to end in Sauternes. And that little village was indeed our destination today, the last of our wine journeys this trip. We enjoyed it, the wine that is, and had  a very agreeable surprise in a local restaurant, Auberge des Vignes, when we had a three course Menu du Jour, that also included wine and coffee, all for just sixteen euro per head.

Our first call though was to Maison de Sauternes, a non profit establishment right in the middle of the village that represents dozens of growers and sells the golden liquid (the older, the more golden generally) that they produce at chateau prices.

Luckily, we met a man with quite good English who guided us through the wines and the tasting. We started off with a very promising Sauterne for just under 12 euro and then moved up in price and age. We didn't want to buy too much dessert wine as simply we don't drink that much of it. We had settled on three bottles but our friend was also a good salesman and we left with four and also some very good advice about their care and travel.

One of those tasted today
Then we strolled around looking for food but a Michelin recommended restaurant was expecting a large number in and we two could end up at the back of the queue so we thanked the young lady and moved on down the road where a few metres later we came across the Auberge des Vignes and its friendly staff.

Couldn't believe the Menu du Jour. Aside from the good price, including unusually wine and coffee, there were also some decent choices, three starters and three desserts for instance. My starter was the Rillettes de Thon (tuna) a la coriander while CL picked the Soupe de Melon a la menthe (mint) fraiche. The third starter was Tomates Mozzarella. Don’t know about the third but ours were excellent.

Neither of us wanted to chance the Faux-filet grillĂ© (we had seen a customer struggling to cut through it) so both picked the Andouillette (chitterlings)  grillĂ©, grilled in the fire inside (we were eating outside on a lovely day). They were served with green beans, onions and bits of bacon, a brilliant combination of flavours and textures.

Enjoyed the tasting here today!
Cheese was one of the dessert options, Rice with Milk another. We picked the Panna Cotta, Poire (pear) roti, caramel, Passion (passionfruit, I presume!). We hadn't been expecting much but this was by far and away the best Panna Cotta I’ve ever had.

Back in Arcachon, I had a walk along the Boulevard Deganne (we are based just off it). It is a lovely street, trees galore, one of the best small town streets that I’ve come across. I came back along the Boulevard de la Plage, on the lookout for wineshops. I found just one and asked him if he stocked a Listrac-Medoc that I’m looking for, a Saransot-Dupre. He told me instantly that he didn't know the wine. I was amazed at that, considering its produced about an hour away.

No point in eating out this evening after our big lunch so, before going back to the house, I picked up a tempting looking Salad Nicoise from the local traiteur. A boiled egg or two is being added and all will be ready soon.

No tasting here today. Nor with a while me thinks!