Sunday, June 15, 2014

Easy on a Sunday. Man who Walked Above Water.

Easy on a Sunday. Man who Walked Above Water.
Sun 15th June 2014
While taking a walk around the outer road (Quai Goslar) of the Arcachon marina this morning, something caught my eye out in the water. Not a boat - there were quite a few. But this looked like a man above the water without any visible means of staying up. It was a bit far for the camera but the lens picked him up and showed the secret. He had me fooled for a while! See the pictures
It was an interesting walk in the sun, though this day wouldn't prove quite as warm as the previous few, with exceptions such as our front garden, down in a dip and quite a sun trap. I’ve mentioned the amount of boats in Arcachon quite often since coming here and today I saw something unusual. In one big yard in the marina area, there were two huge “shelves”, three boats high, all ready for sale I presume or else a way of docking them as the marina is almost constantly full.
Look closely at the photos and you'll see a tube under the man, probably clearest in the bottom shot.
This is connected to a boat and provides the propulsion.
Continued our walk to the very end where this outer road meets the exit neck of the marina. The traffic there, inwards and outwards, was amazing, all kinds of boats, engine and sail driven, work boats yes but mainly pleasure craft today, some very small, some quite large, all in all quite a spectacle that kept us entertained for a spell.

Off the shelf. Boats to go!
To our rear, and sharing this slightly elevated viewpoint, stands a large monument, dedicated to those who have perished at sea.. Apparently, the local fishermen say a prayer as they sail out. On this good day and in the sheltered bassin, the pleasure boat people didn't seem to be visibly worried at all and only a few children wore life jackets.
Comings and goings
All this walking - we would go to the beach in the afternoon - makes one think of food and we called to out traiteur and picked up some Veal in Rice for dinner. By the way, just to return to yesterdays Rabbit with Prunes. We got a good chunk for €12.90 at the market and had enough left over to serve as lunch today and it was just as delicious cold.

The monument.

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