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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Knockadoon Cliff Walk 26th April 2021

 Knockadoon Cliff Walk 26th April 2021

Ballycotton & Island distant IMG_1339

Ballycotton & Island distant 

Capel Island & Furze IMG_1330

Capel Island path IMG_1361

Dandelions IMG_1355

Pink & White flowers

Pink & White flowers

Pink Flowers

White flowers

Furze Ballycotton distant IMG_1345

Furze Ballycotton distant IMG_1346

Furze Ballycotton hazy IMG_1332

Furze IMG_1336

Glenawilling Beach 20210426_103948

Glenawilling Beach 20210426_103959

Lobster Pot IMG_1316

Paddy IMG_1341

Path Furze Sea IMG_1344

Piggery Protest Poster IMG_1327

Ploughed Fields IMG_1324

Signal Tower Cliffs IMG_1326

Signal Tower IMG_1328

Signal Tower IMG_1362

Yellow flowers IMG_1356

Youghal distant IMG_1329

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Knockadoon Cliff Walks

Knockadoon Walks, East Cork.
Welcome to Knockadoon

Knockadoon is a small rural peninsula, close to the seaside town of Youghal in County Cork. Take care, and watch out for walkers in particular, as you make your way through the narrow roads to the pier. From there, you have a choice of two walks, the Capel Way Coastal Trail towards the west (made up of two loops, 2.5km and 6km) and, towards the east, you may take the Barry's Cove Way.

From the pier itself, you can look across to Youghal nd you see more of that area if you take Barry's Cove Way. On the other hand, if you head west, you'll soon pass Capel Island, then an old Signal Tower. All the while, the ocean is to your left. Later again, views of Ballycotton and its lighthouse open up.
You'll start here by the pier. Youghal, and the mouth of the River Blackwater, are directly across from the pier.

Lots of wildflowers grow quite close to the path. Many kinds of birds are seen too, from big hungry looking seagulls to busy little sparrows, and they keep you company. And don't forget to look inland as well where the landscape changes from season to season. Do bring a bottle of water and perhaps a little snack and take a break. There are a few seats along the way.

Capel Island

On the road down to the pier (from earlier trip), all other pics July 1st 2020

On the lookout

The old ruined signal tower. The towers were part of an all-island coastal defence system constructed in the early 19th century. The one in Kinsale (near the Old Head) has been restored and is open to the public.

The island, with Ballycotton Lighthouse.  The village is on the mainland to the right of the island.

Don't forget to take the odd look inland!

A crop of barley. July 1st, 2020
Pictures from a 2019 walk here.