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Dive into Oyster Nirvana at Moran's Oyster Cottage

Dive into Oyster Nirvana 

at Moran's Oyster Cottage


Imagine this: a quaint, thatched cottage perched right on the Galway coast, the salty breeze whispering promises of fresh seafood delights. That's exactly what greets you at

Moran's Oyster Cottage, a haven for all things ocean, especially the mighty mollusc – the oyster!

We pulled in last week, and let me tell you, the place was buzzing. Cars lined the road, and both the outdoor and indoor seating areas seemed to overflow with happy diners. Luckily, as we walked up closer, we realised it was busy but not yet packed and we soon snagged a cosy spot inside.

Moran's is a labyrinth of nautical charm. Warrens of rooms, filled with booths, tables, and counters, sprawl out from the original cottage, a testament to their enduring popularity. But the real star of the show isn't the décor; it's the menu, boasting a dazzling array of fresh fish dishes alongside some non-seafood options.

The staff deserve a standing ovation. They weave through the bustling dining room with practised ease, their knowledge of the menu and recommendations spot-on. We knew what we craved even before arriving in Galway - oysters, glorious oysters! And Moran's, in partnership with the esteemed producers Kelly's Oysters, another Galway institution, promised an unforgettable experience.


The Kelly-Moran Dream Team

We delved straight into a three-part experience through the world of locally sourced oysters. These "Rock Oysters," as they're also known, are pampered for three years in the pristine Irish waters, resulting in an explosion of freshness and a hint of beautiful minerality.

Kelly's themselves say it best: "Get ready for a taste bud symphony!" And that symphony began with the Kelly Gigas Oysters Au Naturel. The briny kiss of the Atlantic was undeniable, a pure, unadulterated taste of the sea.

For those who might find raw oysters a little intimidating, fret not! Moran's offers a delightful progression. We followed the natural Gigas with their Grilled Oysters (Gigas) with Garlic Breadcrumbs, a subtle step away from the natural but equally satisfying.

Then came the grand finalé, the Oysters Thermidor (Gigas). Baked with a touch of brandy, cream, and mustard, topped with a parmesan crown, this dish is pure indulgence, "hot" stuff indeed. It may convert even the most hesitant oyster-eater and, for €17.80 a half dozen, it's a steal!).

With Garlic Breadcrumbs

As a TCD study points out, the world of oysters can be perplexing. But here's all you really need to remember: Kelly for the oysters and Moran's for the perfect setting to enjoy them.

You'll find Moran's at The Weir, Kilcolgan, Co. Galway. More info here.


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