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This fresh and fruity wine is Highly Recommended. Poderi Dal Nespoli Trebbiano Rubicone. Crossing the Rubicon!😉

Poderi Dal Nespoli Trebbiano Rubicone (IGT) 2022, 12% ABV

€12.95 Bradleys

Fresh and fruity wine is Highly Recommended.

Crossing the Rubicon!😉

The colour of this full-bodied organic Italian white is a pale and clear straw. Aromas hint of lemon and peach follow through in the flavours (where you may also find

tropical fruit notes). 

There is a balancing acidity and “freshness typical of Trebbiano grown in the area”. This fresh and fruity wine is Highly Recommended. It and the Sangiovese by the same company, would make a very handy double at any barbecue this summer.

Trebbiano, according to Wine Folly Magnum, is one of the top grapes in both Italy and France (where it is called Ugni Blanc and is used in making brandy). According to, current DNA research suggests that there are many distinct varieties of Trebbiano with distant or unproven relationships to other grapes in the group. 

As Ugni Blanc, it enjoys huge success in the production of Cognac (it accounts for 95 percent of all production) and Armagnac but I wouldn’t be in a hurry to recommend its local still wines. While in France, you could well enjoy them on a picnic by the shore or on a woodland walk but hardly worth bringing it home on the ferry.


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Much is written about Trebbiano and its various close relations and there is also a great deal of history attached to the area. Rubicone hit the “headlines” as early as 49 BC,  when Julius Caesar led his legion south over the Rubicon River from Cisalpine Gaul to Italy to make his way to Rome. In doing so, he deliberately broke the law and made civil war inevitable. The event also led to the much-used phrase “crossing the Rubicon” which refers to a decision or action that is irreversible and will result in trouble!

Ideal to combine with mixed salads, hand-made pasta with salmon sauce, vegetables (in a soup or baked), shrimp salad, pan-fried fish served with rice, soups, delicate first courses, fried fish, and monkfish. Wine Folly goes for hard Italian cheeses, seafood pasta, white pizza, roast chicken and even pesto. The producers encourage you to serve it at 10-12 degrees. In other words, don’t keep it too long in the fridge!

* This post is part of a series on Italian wines made from native grapes and produced by usually small or medium-sized organic wineries. Taking some “guidance” here from the recently published VINO. Mightn’t always net the hat trick but hope to score two from the three each time. I have quite a few lined up but I’m happy to consider any suggestions or help. #OrganicItaly

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