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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dream Comes True for Athula. New Production Facility Opened

Dream Comes True for Athula
New Production Facility Opened 
Happy Day!

A dream came through for Athula Kuruppu Achchige in Carrigaline yesterday when his state of the art production facility was officially opened in the local industrial estate. His immediate family from Cork and Sri Lanka, along with many friends, were present on this happy occasion for a man who has worked hard on his long journey to Cork.

A 26 year long civil war in his own country in 1983; that and growing family responsibilities forced him abroad to look for work as a chef. He couldn't be choosy and went where the agents sent him and that included Iraq (where he was head chef at an American base) and then Bahrein airport’s VIP Lounge (where he cooked for local and world leaders passing through).
County Mayor Declan Hurley (left) and local TD Michael McGrath open Athula's spanking new unit in Carrigaline.

Eventually, in 2005, he headed for Ireland and a job in the Hayfield Manor. In 2012, he opened his own restaurant Rooster Pil Pil in Ballincollig. But what he really wanted to do was to produce his own sauces and, with help from the local enterprise office, that became a really in recent years.

He was advised to go to the farmers markets and see if his products would sell. They did and he got an opportunity to find his feet in the new Cork County Council Incubator Kitchens (also in Carrigaline). He has proved himself there and now, again with local authority help and a large investment of his own, has a wonderful state of the art stream-lined production facility.
Great to congratulate Athula on his big day!

His first products, a range of Peri Peri Sauces (from mild to hot), went down well. And now he is also producing a few curry sauces including Jalfrezi, Tikka Masala and Korma. The products are available in 35 SuperValu stores, over 30 independents and now just coming onto the shelves in Aldi. And soon he’ll be selling spices and high quality Ceylon teas from his homeland.

Athula Fusion Foods
Unit 11, Carrigaline Industrial Estate
Kilnageary Road
Co. Cork

Call 087 136 7525

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Taste of the Week

Taste of the Week
Athula Peri Peri

You can't go wrong with Peri Peri, not with the spelling. It’s also spelt Piri Piri, even Pili Pili. Three chances of getting it right.

Whatever about the spelling, Athula has got it all right with his range of Peri Peri sauces, now available in local Supervalus and indeed in Mr Bell’s in the English Market. He does a mild version, a version with lemon and herb and also a hot one (it is just that - but used sparingly, it works well, especially with roast chicken). They come in handy 125g bottles and so you are less likely to have waste.

Chef Athula, from Sri Lanka, now in Cork, has “worked in 5 star restaurants across the world” and has put that experience to use with this range bringing “true restaurant quality to your kitchen”. 

I’m very happy with the Lemon and Herb and found it great with fish and chicken (after cooking). It can also be used as a dip and to liven up a salad. There are tips for this and the others on the bottles. Indeed, it livens up everything we’ve used it on so far and is Taste of the Week.

Athula Fusion Foods,
Unit 1&2, J Street, 
Carrigaline Industrial Estate, 
KilnaglKilnagearyeary Road, 
Carrigaline, Co. Cork

Tel: 087 136 7525