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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

A Quart of Ale± #123. On the craft journey with Third Barrel, Rascals, Wide Street and Larkins

 A Quart of Ale± #123

On the craft journey with Third Barrel,  Rascals, Wide Street and Larkins 

Third Barrel Day Drinking Part Deux Citra Strata Session IPA, 4% ABV, 400ml can Bradleys

Our Citra Strata Session IPA is the second in Third Barrel’s series of summer slammers. This one is double dry hopped with Citra and Strata. The first was  called Day Drinkin and was a one hop (Simcoe) beer. That drew a great response and so they were inspired to go again. And here we are.

The current slammer is a hazy pale orange one with a soft white head. Aromas are quite citrus-y. But it is with the impact on the palate that it makes the big impression here. The citrus led fruit and the lip-smacking finish, all in a dank envelope, make this one to note.

We summed up the first Day: Day Drinkin, at the 4% abv, would certainly make for a good session, night or day. As they say themselves: “be sure to pick up a few for your next bbq, camping trip or even just sitting on your own in the kids paddling pool.” 

It seems the opportunities for outdoor recreation are fast fading but there’s nothing to say you can’t enjoy one or more of Part Deux inside, or maybe under an awning, even a tent. Made for a session and well made.

"Initially formed in 2016 as a collaboration between two gypsy brands who wanted their own space, Third Barrel has now grown to be one of the most respected brands in Irish craft beer. Brewing everything from the most wholesome Pils to Triple IPAs and everything in-between.  

Our one and only passion in life is making savage beer and we love sharing that passion with you.”

Rascals X Yeastie Boys Krush Groove IPA 7.0%, 440ml can Yards & Crafts

“The finest NZ hops fused into a tropical & citrus flavour bomb…it’s all peace, love and juice!” 

That is how Rascals introduce this collaboration with Yeastie Boys. Falls flat though; this flavour bomb lacks a detonator.

Let us have a look. And a taste. Orange is the colour, hazy for sure. Nice white head but doesn’t hang about. Aromas are rather modest, soft notes of citrus and also tropical. 

They have deployed a quartet of New Zealand hops here: Galaxy, Nelson, Betty and the lesser known Riwaka and expected flavours include citrus and tropical. Clearly, a lot of work from the collaborators to get here. Was it worth it? Not for me. 

What I did enjoy from Rascals recently was a pint of their superb 4.4% stout on draught at the Celtic Whiskey bar in Killarney. Big thumbs up for that one!

Geek Bits

Malt: Low Colour Marris Otter Malt, Vienna Malt, Torrified Wheat, Naked Oat Malt

Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, Betty, Riwaka

Yeast: LAX

ABV: 7%

Larkin’s Tiny Sesh IPA 4.0%, 440ml can Yards & Crafts

This little Sesh, with a punky gorilla on the front label, could well be described in my shorthand as troppy, meaning hoppy with tropical aromas and flavours. And it’s true enough as regards the aromas, pretty big indeed. And it is quite juicy and with much the same fruits on the palate. 

So no bother in agreeing with Larkin’s Insta summation: “Our new improved session IPA with bigger aroma and body.” Well balanced beer, easy to drink and easy to enjoy.

The label claims it’s an East Coast style and, that is confirmed by tasty tropical notes, less bitterness and the hazy appearance (not so hazy that you can’t see the fountains of bubbles rise to the top). 

Ingredients are listed as Barley, Wheat, Oats, Hops, Water and Yeast. Tiny is part of the new Larkin’s core range and is available in single cans and in “a great value” 440ml 4 pack. One of those beers that might well make the jump to draught.


Wide Street Sound by Design Pale Ale 4.4%, 440ml can Yards & Crafts

Wide Street’s Belgian style Pale Ale has a light, almost lemony colour with a soft white head that persists a while over the haze. Aromas and flavours are tropical and hoppy and there is the slight clove-ish hint on the nose and on the clean and refreshing palate, the aromas and flavours coming, Wide Street say, from the freshest American hops (El Dorado and Idaho 7 in this case). 

An interesting, very dry and lip-smacking beer from the Longford brewery.

Ingredients: Malted Barley, wheat, oats, water, hops and  yeast.

Unfiltered can-conditioned and contains yeast sediment.

Best paired with your favourite music, they hint!

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Castlerosse Hotel. Ace Kingdom Base.

Castlerosse Hotel. Ace Kingdom Base.

Morning view from Ross Castle

The Castlerosse

The comfortable Castlerosse Hotel was our base for a packed two day trip to the Kingdom last month (Aug 2022). It is a low rise building overlooking its own golf course and offers much for the active person, young and old alike. Not to mention the excellent Mulligan’s Bar where they serve the local craft beer on draught.  No shortage of music in the bar either.

Aside from the spacious hotel rooms, they offer many chalets on the grounds, ideal for families with young kids who can of course avail of the hotel’s facilities including pool. In addition, the kids can get on their bikes and head off, accompanied of course, on at least two paths into the Killarney National Park.

The Workmen's Rowing Club

We didn’t take the bikes but we did walk the paths which are signed. One late afternoon, we headed off on the shorter one through the woods and by the fields to Killarney. After about 25 minutes, you come close to the cathedral and a stroll down New Street will take you into the very centre. Our destination was the Celtic Whiskey Bar. Whiskey on my mind but that changed when I saw the long list of craft beer on offer and here we enjoyed the Rascal’s 4.4% Stout and the Tom Crean St Brigid’s Lager.

The other walk is almost double that and takes you around the golf course all the way to Ross Castle. We did this on our final morning. We hadn’t seen a jarvey and jaunting car since we had arrived but, having just remarked on it, no less than six appeared in a row, all coming from the castle. Must have been a tour bus there! Very enjoyable walk, also met a few deer on the way, and enjoyed the views over the waters and the islands.

Ross Castle

We also made a couple of "sterner" walks. Perhaps, no perhaps about it actually, the biggest challenge for us was the Cronin’s Yard Loop Walk (8km) that takes you close to Carrauntoohil (Ireland’s highest mountain). Tough enough going for these old legs but most enjoyable. 

Ross Castle

Another, easier, walk was also completed, the splendid Bray Head Walk on Valentia Island. Take the bridge from Portmagee (you may also get the ferry from Caherciveen) and turn left (signed) after the Skellig Experience and then left again (also signed for Bray Head). Roads are narrow so take it easy! Soon you come to the car park, on your left (cost €2.00). Enjoy the walk and its great views including the Skelligs themselves.

After all that exercise, it was so great to look forward to the comfortable and friendly Castlerosse for a leisurely break before heading out again later on. It is the kind of hotel that we’ll return to, especially for any attraction or visit on the western side of the town (like the soon to be opened visitor centre at the Killarney distillery and brewery in Fossa). A bientôt Castlerosse!

Also on this trip:

Check out the Kingdom 1795, Kerry Restaurant of the Year

Valentia Island's spectacular Bray Head Walk 

Cronin's Yard Loop Walk (near Carrauntoohil)

Superb Killarney Dinner at The Mad Monk by Quinlans

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Cheers #23: O'Briens Winter Wines. Wines Direct Rock. Rascals Beer Offer. Sarah Jessica Parker. Napa Fires.

Cheers #23: O'Briens Winter Wines. Wines Direct Rock. Rascals Beer Offer. Sarah Jessica Parker. Napa Fires. 



O'Brien Wines are putting the spotlight on warming winter drinks right with a few suggestions from Paul Barry.


"We are big fans of hot toddies here in O’Briens but why not try out some mulled cider? Gently warm the cider and add a slice of orange studded with cloves a cinnamon stick for a little spice and you have one of the most aromatic and invigorating alcoholic drinks. Longueville Medium-Dry from Longueville house in County Cork is a great choice for this and you can pick it up on offer at 3 bottles for €9. More suggestions here.

Let's Rock On. No stopping Wines Direct!

As Covid-19 continues, we at Wines Direct would like to share with you actions we are taking to provide the best service given the current restrictions without compromising safety. 


  • Free Nationwide Delivery.
  • Wines Direct preferred delivery partners are adapting to these ever-changing circumstances and are working through lockdown as an essential service provider. 
  • Drivers routinely clean and disinfect their vans.
  • Contactless delivery is in place.
  • Our warehouse is fully stocked, and additional precautions have been put in place to ensure our warehouse staff, who diligently work to fulfil your orders, are kept safe.
  • Our entire team is adhering to social distancing, and we are restricting the number of staff in our building, while our online team continues to work primarily from home. 

Virtual Wine Tasting by Wines of the World

Sarah Jessica Parker

Our next virtual tasting on Oct 23rd will be another fun one! We will have a special guest joining us for this one!

We have included 6 wines in our surprise wine case - 3 different wines (White, Rosé & Red) - 2 of each wine.

More here

Some news for you - Sarah Jessica Parker’s wine collaboration with Kiwi winery Invivo & Co, Invivo X, SJP, has been awarded ‘Best Launch of the Year’ by the 2020 Drinks Business Awards.

Check out a mini clip here from SJP

Rascals Brewing on the ball

So, level 3 it is then. We must go on. We can’t go on. We’ll go on. And we can make things a lot more bearable with a special offer just for you! Exclusive to newsletter subscribers, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the country for any order placed before Monday (12/10)

Just enter BAGOFCANS in the discount code box on your shopping cart and you’re away in a hack. Buy the beer here

Fires leave Napa harvest on a knife edge

When Judd Wallenbrock woke up Sunday morning, he saw the first patch of blue sky he'd seen in weeks over Napa.

"I couldn't believe it," the CEO and president of C. Mondavi & Family, says. "And I started thinking of how lucky we had been, of all we had. Of what our neighbors were going through, emotionally and financially." More from on the damage here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hops and Glory at LITFEST16. Seven IPAs after breakfast.

Seven IPAs on a Sunday Morning
Hops and Glory at LITFEST 2016
Pete Brown
“Canning has moved on enormously,” declared beer expert Pete Brown as the Litfest 2016 beer tasting got underway in Ballymaloe last Sunday morning. “It's the freshest way to keep beer”. The session was named Hops and Glory, after one of Pete's books, and he was accompanied on the panel by Caroline Hennessy, co-author of Slainte.

Our first beer was a can of the Yankee White IPA by Rascal’s Brewing. Caroline was happy with this Belgian style IPA: “It’s a lovely food friendly beer, ..feels lighter than five per cent!” Pete says it is now a very popular style. “Every new brewery starts with an IPA”.

Worthington’s White Shield certainly got Pete going: “One of my five desert island beers...not a modern IPA but the only true survivor of the old style that was shipped on 6-month voyages to India and drank like mother’s milk…. This is very hoppy, also very malty, a wonderful balance...gets better with time”.
Caroline is part of the 8 Degrees Brewing Company and their Full Irish was next. She stressed the importance of local. They used local barley, malted in Togher (In Cork City). “It is a single malt beer and made to showcase the malt. First made in 2014, it was Beer of the Year in 2015”. Pete noted the hops on the nose, the good balance and equally good body.

Another can followed: the marvellous Ironmonger from Metalman, first launched in 2011. As readers of Slainte will know, Caroline regularly looks for the food angle and praised this as food friendly. “There is a huge change in restaurants,” she said, noting that local food is now being matched with local drink (including beers and spirits).

Pete again admired the body and said he hadn't come across Metalman before but had been enjoying it at the bar in the Big Shed next door. In general, he remarked that one of the best beer tastings you could have is a cheese matching: “Great fun with a small group! Just get a few beers and a few cheeses.” Caroline surprised him when she said she found Crozier Blue and the full Irish a very successful pairing.

On to the next one: Black Lighting from 9 White Deer in West Cork, a style that they agreed involves some “messing with your head”. After all, IPAs are not meant to be black but both agreed it is a wonderful style, Caroline adding that it was a “very American style IPA”.

A little discussion on hops followed. Pete said the character changes from place to place, the influence of the terroir. Caroline advised trying some of the single hop beers available, a good way “to build your knowledge”.

Beer Number Six, the citrusy/grapefruity bottle-conditioned Boundary Pale Ale, came from a Northern Ireland cooperative brewery. Caroline has noted a rapid advance of craft beer in the area, and more: “I would recommend a visit to Belfast...good food and drink.”
Pete was on a cloud nine as we finished with Cloudwater DIPA v3, a special edition: “This is the most hyped beer, the most hyped brewery..the best brewery in Britain right now….so much juiciness, so much fruit character..all from the hops”.

This weighed in at 9% and Caroline explained how high ABVs can come about. “If you have lots of hops, you need lots of malt to balance. Malt means more sugar and that means higher ABV”.

So applause all round as our expert duo brought the curtain down on an entertaining and informative beer session.

See also, from LITFEST16:

Irish Craft Cider. A Litfest16 Event

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Three Canned By Rascal’s. Each Beer Worth A Try

Three Canned By Rascal’s
Each Beer Worth A Try
Rascal’s Yankee White IPA, 5%
A bold Irish beer? Well, I think this cloudy wheat beer is more about balance than out and out bold! None the worse for that though. And it seems they agree: “Yankee White IPA has all the complex hop flavour of an IPA and is finely balanced with the bright flavour of a wheat beer.” A gorgeous balance indeed, a fine beer and Very Highly Recommended.

Rascal’s Big Hop Red, 5%
Lively, piney, zesty, they say. And so it is. It is also majorly hoppy for a red ale but again the balance is good as is the final result. That extra hop kick comes because the ale has been dry hopped and that has added zesty flavour as well as the piney aroma. Attractive in all aspects, this award winner is Very Highly Recommended.

Rascal’s Ginger Porter, 4.8%
The first thing you notice here is the can itself. It is not glossy like the others but has a kind of matte finish which gives you a good grip! This is a smooth dark ale and a pleasant one. They rate it as medium bodied. It has a pleasant caramel-bar flavour on the palate and in the finish. Not as creamy as a good stout but well worth a try and Highly Recommended.

Speaking of stout, just sipping away from a bottle of Lynch's Stout as I finish this. Quite like this one and quite proud of it too as it's made a few hundred yards away from me by the lads in the Cotton Ball Brewing Company and is of course available in the bar of the Cotton Ball itself on draught. Their Kerry Lane Pale ale was a gold medal winner in Blas last October.

I got my three Rascal's in Bradley’s (North Main Street, Cork). For other stockists around the country, please check here.