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Monday, June 17, 2019

Walk The Long and Local Table

Walk The Long and Local Table
You'll Never Eat Alone
G&T for the gang in Electric Fish Bar
Welcome to Ali's
Why not start a very fine event with a very fine perry? That’s exactly what happened when we joined a group to Walk the Long Table at Ali’s Kitchen. Ali herself would be our guide for the afternoon (and well into the evening) and, as she told us what to expect, she served a glass of the gorgeous Killahora Poiré. The event is all about local produce and the Glounthaune produced perry set the tone along with some delicious and potato bread with home-made butter.

A big welcome next at The Farmgate Cafe where our plate was based on produce from the Olive Stall in the market. The dish featured Toonsbridge Mozzarella with tomato and tarragon salad and crispy kale. Here we also enjoyed a glass of Elderflower/Prosecco and a shot of Gazpacho.

Nash 19
Next stop was in Nash 19, 27 years in business and involved in the Long Table from the very start. A very tasty dish here: Cod from Pat O’Connell in the English Market, in a light crispy batter featuring Longueville House cider. Longueville’s Rubert told us, as he filled our glasses, that the cider is made from their own apples and that nothing is added. “Should pair well with the fish,” he said. It was indeed a winning match.

Claire Nash emphasised that their menu is local and seasonal driven. And she credited the Long Table with enhancing the cooperation between the local restaurants. “It is raising the standard, “ she said and Rubert agreed.

A few minutes later we in were in Fish Bar at Electric where oysters were on the menu. At least one of the group tried one for the first time! There was one for everyone in the audience and a generous glass too of Kinsale Gin.
Perfect serve (gin & oysters) at Electric

A short walk took us to Jacob’s On the Mall where Michelle was on the street to welcome us in and tell us a bit about the fascinating venue. And they had quite a dish for us, all local of course. A generous slice of Jack McCarthy's famous Queen’s Pudding and a few fritters featuring Cashel Blue cheese went down very well indeed with a glass of wine.
Jacobs on the Mall

Ali then found the shortest way to reach Crawford and Co on Anglesea Street. Sarah told us all about the changes here and was full of praise for Eoin O’Mahony, the well-known butcher in the English Market. The informal and enjoyable atmosphere continued here as we sipped our Beamish and tucked into the superb fillet of beef from Eoin.
Tender stuff at Crawford & Co

Time for something sweet now and Beth at Dockland had just the job: Bushby strawberries, marshmallow meringue, lime, vanilla + basil cream, strawberry daquiri sauce with, for good measure, a glass of prosecco, pomegranate, passion fruit + mint spritz. Think she mentioned there was a drop of Kinsale gin in there too!

Beth and Harold have been in this location over 11 years, thanks to her "amazing customers". About 18 months ago, they closed the old Club Brasserie and a few hard weeks later opened up on the same spot as Dockland! The customers loved it and why not. Here you enjoy a a great variety of local produce.”We love local, our food is not fussy, just tasty good food.” The menu is quite large and has something for virtually every taste and budget.

The finalé was close at hand and we were welcomed to the 200 years old Imperial Hotel (Charles Dickens and Michael Collins have been guests) by new manager Bastian who guided us to their Whiskey Experience, three local bottles paired with pastries cooked by the hotel’s pastry chefs.

Alan took over for the tasting in the lovely Lafayette’s, introducing the West Cork Bourbon Barrel, the Jameson Black Barrel and the well known Paddy. The Jameson seemed to be the favourite whiskey and was also my pick of the three. But the best pairing, I thought was, surprisingly, the Paddy and a Milk Chocolate Fudge. Even better with a hot Paddy according to the ebullient Alan. 

So a very fine start at Ali’s and now a very fine ending in Lafayette’s as we reflected, with a Cosmopolitan cocktail in hand, on the happy hours we had passed as a group. Until the next time! Cheers and well done to all the restaurants involved. Walk the Long Table is a tour through a string of Cork's best restaurants. It continues this week with two walks each of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They are all booked out but, just in case a few become available (as happened last week), do keep an eye on  and @CorksLongTable. Website:  
Alan takes us through the whiskey!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Night of the Long Table. Four Hundred Dine Out on Cork’s South Mall

Night of the Long Table

Four Hundred Dine Out on Cork’s South Mall
Phil (standing) wishes Happy Birthday to fiancée Veronica; they get married today.
A night out to remember for the over four hundred diners who gathered on Cork’s South Mall for an outdoor dinner, the second running of Cork’s Long Table. And the sun came too, making it a glorious occasion for the organisers and their partners including Bord Bia, Failte Ireland, Cork City Council and Cork Midsummer Festival.

There was a choice of drink on the way in, anything from Prosecco to cider to beer to a cordial. The first suppliers we met were Colm McCan (what a hat) and Pascal Rossignol of Le Caveau, helping out on the night.
All calm before the service

Soon we were seated at our table, strangers to the right of us, strangers to the left. A few minutes later though and strangers no more! 

A tasty oyster signalled the start of the serving and then came the Producers Boards with Smoked mussels and mackerel, crab with lemon mayo (perhaps my favourite), black and white pudding, spiced beef, crubeens and ham hock terrine, chutney, breads, mozzarella. That got us talking and sharing and there was something for everyone!
Welcome to the Long Table from Colm(left) and Pascal of Le Caveau

The mains meanwhile were being prepared in the kitchens of the nearby Imperial Hotel and distributed to the various staging posts on the pavement. It was worth waiting for, not that we were waiting at all. The rack of lamb with pea purée, salsa verde, mixed leaf salad and loads of superb British Queens, not forgetting Glenilen butter, was totally satisfying though a few of us volunteered for seconds when the opportunity arose.

And the dessert, a very generous one indeed, was Strawberries with crushed meringue, cream and rose petal, another delight. And to finish we had cheese: Milleens to remember the late Veronica Steele and Hegarty’s Cheddar.
Starter board

All the while, the wine, the beer, the cider, whatever you fancied was being served and the brass band played. There was even a birthday surprise for Veronica, served up by fiancé Phil; all go for this couple who get married today. We wish them well!

Once announced, the Long Table Dinner sold out within hours, such was the feeling that this was going to be a good one. And once you saw the list of quality suppliers, you knew the basis was there for a terrific meal. 

Suppliers included Frank Hederman, K. O’Connell Fish, Tim McCarthy’s, Rosscarberry Recipes, McCarthy Meats, Haven Fish, Glenilen Farm, Waterfall Farms, Bumblebee Flower Farm, Dave Barry’s Farm, Bushy Berries, On the Pig’s Back, Murphy’s,  Longueville House, 9 White Deer, Le Caveau and Counterpoint.

I've often heard chefs say they are nothing without the producers but the restaurants and chefs have a major role to play in getting the best from the produce and that certainly happened last night with Ali’s Kitchen, Electric Fishbar, The Farmgate, Fenn’s Quay, The Imperial Hotel, Isaac’s Restaurant, Jacob’s on the Mall, Jacque’s Restaurant, L’Atitude 51, Nash 19 and the Rocketman all playing important roles. Cheers to the hard-working owners and staff.

* I’m glad too that Rebel Chilli were also involved as it was in their competition that I, having been caught out by the early booking rush, won the tickets that got me to the Mall. Thanks, folks!

It's a wrap for 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

Jacobs on the Mall. Catching the Early Bird

Jacobs on the Mall
Catching the Early Bird

 An Early Bird was required last Friday so I checked a few websites and it was the one in Jacobs on the Mall that had most appeal. We got into the lovely old building about 5.30pm, thirty minutes after opening, and found that the place was filling up rapidly. Word of the Early Bird had obviously spread and we soon found that the promise was indeed amply fulfilled.

Basically, you get three courses for €25.00. And Head Chef Trish Lewis gives you three or four or more choices for each course. There is a good wine choice here too, lots of different wines form different parts of the world. Good to see a few Irish beers featured and also highlighted were Blackwater Gin and Kalak Vodka.

 There were three starters plus Soup of the Day. My Pick was the Smoked haddock paté, with lime gel, pickled cucumber and crostini. Very enjoyable indeed, the lime a nice touch. And CL’s Crispy chickpea fritters with pickled cucumber, and beetroot hummus, was another excellent opener, a tasty mix of colours, textures and flavours.

Chef Trish provided at least six choices for the mains including steak (with a hefty supplement). We could have had a Beef-burger, Fish and Chips, or a Blackened Chicken bruschetta.
I opted for the Pan fried cod with a creamy pearl barley, samphire and chorizo. I’m a fan of all these elements and I enjoyed every little bit of the dish which was cooked to perfection and also well presented.

Our other mains was Cuban style pork, with mint, avocado, orange, balsamic vinegar and rustic potatoes, another well cooked plateful, another happy customer.

There was agreement on the dessert as we both ordered the Raspberry and lemon curd slice with Chantilly cream, a nice little finish to an excellent Early Bird that is available Monday to Saturday from 5.00 to 6.15pm.

It is a gorgeous venue, one of the few indoor places where you might find a leaf in your wine, rather than the fly in your soup. There is a lot of foliage overhead here! Service is excellent here, from the friendly welcome to the contact at the table right through to the farewell and help with getting the coat on. Well worth a try.

Jacobs on the Mall
30a South Mall
Tel: (021) 425 1530
Message/Facebook: @jacobsonthemallrestaurant
Twitter: @JacobsOnTheMall 
Hours: Mon-Sat 5.00pm to 10.00pm. Closed Sun

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nine most popular restaurant posts 2012

Nine most popular restaurant posts 2012
Many of you will miss
dining in the garden of
O'Brien's Chop House.

Amazingly, a restaurant review from November has taken more hits than any other this year (2012) and the review of the Chapel Steps in Bandon is our top post for the year. It has taken around 2,200 hits and that puts it well ahead of the others. Chef Kevin O'Regan can take much of the credit. He is helping upgrade Chapel Steps from a cafe to a restaurant and his previous restaurant, Electric, is number two on the list!

Sad to see that two of the nine, O'Brien's and Augustine's, are no longer open but newcomers such as Chapel Steps and Electric are wasting no time in claiming their places among your favourites.

1 - Chapel Steps (November)
2 - Electric (June)
6 - Stuart Bowes at Barnabrow (November)
7 - Jacobs on the Mall (October)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Faustino’s Mythical Years. Unreal!

Faustino’s Mythical Years. Unreal!

Sergio and Rafa take the floor.
 1964. 1970. 1981. 1994. 1999. These were the “Mythical Years” in the vineyards of La Rioja and Sergio and wine-maker Rafa brought the five Faustino 1 Gran Reservas to Jacob’s on the Mall last evening, keeping the best wine ‘til last and producing this stunning line-up as the cheese plates appeared.

Amazing how the old 1964 looked so young and fresh, its deep lively crimson elegant and bright. Like its younger relations, it is made from 85% Tempranillo with Graciano (which adds “a little colour and character”) and Mazuelo also in the blend. Aromas are intense and spicy and on the palate it is ample and smooth.

Aromas and colours changed slightly over the years but all the wines, all of which have spent about 2 years in oak, are velvety and spicy, rounded and well balanced and with a long dry finish. 

During the vertical tasting, Rafa said that “1964 was the best year ever “ and that they still “have a few bottles left”. A remarkable set and great to get the chance to taste these five together.

Sergio, Anne, Kieran, Yours Truly and Rafa

With the main course of lamb, we were introduced to a more recent range, the Portia, a Ribera del Duero DO, Spain’s “second most well known appellation”. Started with the Ebeia Roble. This has spent four months in oak and is the entry level wine, made with 100 per cent Tempranillo (known as Tinta Fina del Pais in the vineyards), just like the others.

Next was the Crianza, made in much the same process as the Ebeia Roble but this has spent 12 months in American oak barrels and it shows in the aromas, taste and aftertaste.

The award winning Portia Prima is a gem, with limited production and made only in “exceptional years”. The handpicked grapes are again sorted before fermentation. The Malolactic Fermentation is in new French oak barrels;  there are 15 months of ageing in the barrels and then nine in the bottle before the release. Worth waiting for!

The evening had started with a Cava reception and some very nice bites from the kitchen that provide gorgeous food all the way through. Then we moved to the tables and a Seafood Cake starter. That required a white and, of course, Faustino had one, the fresh and light Faustino V Blanco Joven, a blend of Chardonnay and mainly Viura. A lovely start to what turned out to be a memorable wine event.

So thanks a million and Happy 150th anniversary to Faustino. Thanks too to Sergio and Rafa for bringing the best of their wines to Cork and to Gilbey's who hosted them last night!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Jacob’s on the Mall

Jacob’s on the Mall

Clockwise from top left: Salmon, Watermelon, Cointreau,
Ta Moko, Pork, Sorbet and wantons 

Sometimes a quick reading of the menu can lead you astray and you think there is little that is exciting here. Pork Fillet, Pan Fried Salmon, Roast Cod, Thai Green Curry. You’ve seen them all before. Right?

But have you seen them in Jacob’s on the Mall? Here, under Head Chef Trisha Lewis, they do it differently, as I found out this week. Quite a few delightful surprises over the evening and it was two happy customers that walked out into the South Mall gloom.

Let’s start at the start, with the Water Melon Salad. But let us read this menu a little more closely: Black pepper, ginger, watermelon salad with pineapple, feta and red onion. A bit of pep here, you might think. And you’d be right. This is a very thoughtful blend, a really lively one on the palate and shows just what you can do with such a salad. Loved it, especially the inclusion of the red onion.

And CL’s Crispy chicken wantons with fennel, red onion and peppers, Szechuan dressing and spicy dipping sauce was another starter that brought the appetite to attention. Tasty, lively, spicy. Another class starter.

In between courses, we were offered and gladly accepted a sorbet. The chilled Strawberry Sorbet was just the job, with real body and real flavour. Could almost have passed for a dessert.

If you ever travelled on a bus tour in Austria, staying and eating in budget hotels, you’d be fed up of pork for ever after. But the dish I enjoyed as my mains in Jacobs might just convert you back. The Moroccan Spice Pork Fillet with turmeric rice, roast peppers and soy dressed leeks was brilliant, so well put together and so well cooked. Great colour here, with the rice and the pepper, the meat was top class, the leeks nice and crunchy, and the balance overall was brilliant. A terrific dish for under twenty euro!

And CL’s was another top drawer winner. She enjoyed Pan-fried Salmon with warm coriander and spring onion crushed potatoes, vine tomatoes and root vegetable sauce. Every element played its part here, the fish, the potato mix, and believe it or not the root vegetable sauce proved a highlight.

Had enjoyed a few glasses of Ta Moko Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) with the meal and, skipping dessert, finished the enjoyable evening - place is comfortable and service is friendly and courteous - with a warming glass of Cointreau.

Monday, August 1, 2011


See some more photos, these by Billy

Captains Sylvia and Sandra

Scores of pirates gathered in Cork City on Saturday. But their intentions were benign. Make the most of the inaugural Cork Gourmet Trail  was the mission and it was accomplished with much fun, thanks to our merry captains.

First call was to Soho in mid-morning where a Pannier Champagne reception was laid on. There was a pirate hat competition running and early favourites emerged at the photo call. Champers downed, the gathering was divided into three crews and marched out on to the streets.

Led by feisty captains Sylvia and Sandra, our crew wandered peacefully through the side streets until we reached Greens by the Waterfall where the host restaurant was joined by Isaacs and the Rising Tide in dishing up the grub. The grog, as was the case in all four venues, was sponsored by Classic Drinks.

On then to the Boardwalk – nobody had to walk the plank – and the impressive line-up to feed the villains here was Club Brasserie, El Vino, Augustine’s and The Boardwalk Bar and Grill
Sing for your supper

Next host was Electric, again through the side streets including a stop in Oliver Plunkett Street and a song which earned the singing pirate a meal out for two!

More music at Electric where Pa Fitz entertained and where the high standard of food was maintained by Jacobs, the Ambassador, Soho and Electric itself. Still one more food stop to go and that was at the Cornstore where the providers were Amicus, Fenns Quay and Cornstore.

About five o’clock, the different crews re-united upstairs at the nearby Bodega to compare notes and the bounty – some restaurants, including Jacobs and Electric, gave out meal or wine vouchers – and listen to the band. The quiz and costumes winners were announced and the Bodega management offered everyone a free drink.
Pat Fitz at Electric

It was a very enjoyable day and very encouraging for the organisers. Looks like one that will be repeated. Personally, I enjoyed every moment, from that first starter of Jack McCarthy Black Pudding with Apple Sauce by Isaacs to the final Chocolate Mousse in a mini-cornet by Fenns Quay.

Tried hard to sample everything; don't think it was possible. My favourite of those that I did try out was the Chicken Balti with the French Morteau sausage by Augustine’s. Isaac’s breaded lamb chop and Electric’s cold sea bass dish were other favourites.

Classic Wines
But I was just one of many and others spoke to me of enjoying their particular favourites and I heard that the Tapas type offerings of some restaurants went down very well, the Boardwalk’s steaks were popular was were the Chinese offerings of the Ambassador.

Something for everyone then and nice to see some chefs trying something different such as the “Gravalaix of Tuna in a Nori seaweed” by the Rising Tide and the different take on the Seafood Chowder by Greene’s who also had a terrific Beetroot Soup on their table.

Just a word of praise to Classic Drinks who not alone kept the thirsty crews well lubricated but also took the trouble to post up plenty of information about the wines and varied the offerings from restaurant to restaurant, usually matching a red with a white from the same area. In Electric for example, they had a Muriel Blanco 2009 along with a Muriel CVC Rioja 2006.

So a big thanks to Classic, to Pannier, to all the restaurants and especially to the organisers! Just picked up a message in a bottle down the quays and it reads: Let’s do it all again next year!

Saturday, November 6, 2010



Dine-in-Cork’s assertion that this week’s promotion gives you 20 per cent more value than usual was underlined in no uncertain manner by Jacobs on the Mall last night. The three course meal, plus coffee, that I enjoyed for €25.00 euro was certainly worth a good deal more.

Haven’t really tried Pumpkin before but with Thanksgiving coming up, went for the Pumpkin Fritters with Parma Ham & Salsa Verde. Nicely balanced starter and we were off to a flier.

Main course was a Duck Confit with lentils and chorizo ragout, buttered kale and champ. Normally you get one piece of duck but I got two moist legs, crispy on outside. The matching ragout was spot on. The kale perhaps might have benefitted from shredding before cooking as it was quite a chew but nothing too strenuous.

The desert was also top class: Date & Butterscotch Pudding with Fudge Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream. Delighted with it.

And indeed delighted with all three courses, even if some of them didn't feature on the advertised menu, but that will happen a bit this week as the restaurants buy fresh in the markets.

Jacobs sell four whites and four reds by the glass. Enjoyed a Chilean Morande Pionero 2008 Chardonnay (€5.75) and a New Zealand Ta Moko Sauvigon Blanc (€6.25). Oh and by the way, the coffee was also of a high standard.

Jacobs is quite a venue, as many of you will know. For those who have not been, the high ceiling, retained from its days as Turkish Baths, leaves a huge space which has been filled with large scale hanging shrubbery and lighting. The big expanse of wall is hung with art works. Chairs are quite plush and comfortable. The welcome is warm and service excellent. What’s not to like? Get in there and get that €25.00 value while you can. 021 4251530.

See all the Dine-in-Cork menus here

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jacobs On The Mall in Cork

Good crowd at Jacobs on the Mall last evening, though not your typical Women’s Christmas groups, as couples were very much in evidence.
They have a special offer on, €24.00 approx for 2 courses, 28 for three. Though the menu is cheaper, the standard of food and service is still very high.
My ladies went for the crisp crunchy breads supplied at the start, especially the fig enhanced brown version.
The long chicken and veg spring roll was a popular starter, served with a salad and dip. Very nice.
Most went for the Venison, served with champ and red cabbage, as the main course. Portions were generous but beware: unless you ask otherwise, the meat will be served rare.
Not too many had the appetite for the big range of deserts but those that did were delighted, with the Triple Chocolate Wedge in particular.
Lovely evening, Lovely food. Now they tell me.

Check out my review of Jacobs On The Mall - I am cork - on Qype

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Favourites in Cork



Favourite high end restaurant: Jacques

Favourite Bistro: Isaacs

Favourite medium priced restaurant: Market Lane

Favourite Italian: Casanova

Favourite Chinese: Ying’s Palace

Favourite Hotel restaurant: Pembroke Grill in the Imperial.

Favourite pizzeria: The Brick Oven in Bantry.

Favourite Dessert: While the desserts in Jacques are excellent, my vote goes to Jacobs on the Mall for its Date and Butterscotch Pudding.

Hard to go wrong here as you will get a decent lunch in most places in town, especially Market Lane. The outskirts are also well served: try Killumney Inn on the west, The Boot House on the north and the Elm Tree on the east. You will get a good roast of the day in any these.

For something different why not try Boqueria, the Tapas Bar in Bridge Street. On a recent visit I enjoyed a bowl of paella (loads of chicken and shellfish and served with a tarty side salad, for a €10.00). Just to add a note of caution, a glass of wine here (starting at €7.00 and mostly from Catalonia) is a full 25cl, a third of a bottle, and substantially more than your usual glass.

Saturday, April 26, 2008



Jacobs on the Mall is in the Cork “financial district” (a street, really). The area is well served with ATMs. Just as well, as the prices charged at this South Mall establishment are high.

But if you have no problem with that, you’ll have no problem with the food. It is, in my experience, always well cooked, well presented and served with a chat and a smile.
We called last Friday evening and the place was quite busy with about 80 customers in. While waiting, we were served some very nice breads indeed.

The main course was Baked Cod, with some anchovies and mashed olives alongside, served with a warm potato salad (a lovely cylindrical pile of potato and roasted peppers and little bits of ham). The smell on arrival at the table promised much and I wasn't let down. It was lovely dish even though the price was a hefty €28.00.

Desserts are usually good here. This time, I picked the apple brandy and hazelnut tart, served with a scoop of caramel ice-cream. Good, but not as good as my favourite here which is the date and butterscotch pudding. Cost €7.50.

From the extensive wine list, we choose the Paul Beaudet Macon-Lugny (€30.00). Not bad at all, though I must say I preferred the Macon-Lugny (“Les Genievres” Louis Latour) that I got in the Imperial across the road a few weeks back.

While the big aerial space has been broken up with greenery and the walls are hung with paintings, there is still a kind of hollow feeling to the restaurant. The lower level has two unbroken rows, one with tables for couples, the other with seating for four or more. A few screens here and a plant or a statue there might break it up and improve it and certainly lessen the class-roomy feel of the place.

One other thing, why not get rid of those awful “Formica” tables. I get classier tables in my local.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Pas Mal!

One is struck by the spaciousness of the place on entering Jacobs on the Mall. Glass, paintings and greenery are used to break up the huge walls and high arched ceiling – this was once the local Turkish baths. The floor space is well used. There is a generous amount of room between the various sets of tables and comfortable seating. First impressions are good. More importantly, they last!

We include some sample courses below but my main plate was pork with bacon, black-pudding, spinach, caramelised onions, and a potato parsnip galette. Absolutely gorgeous, the combination of flavours and smells a treat.

The Advisor went for the duck leg and breast with a beetroot compote and spinach. Again this went down a treat.

There were a couple of slight reservations. The baby spinach tasted as if it hadn’t even seen the steam not to mind the pot. We both love spinach in meals and have it regularly but this was needlessly stringy and chewy.

As a matter of taste, the beetroot was on the sweet side, perhaps too much brown sugar with the balsamic vinegar, something like the red cabbage that was once a frequent component of meals in the area. Thought I’d let you know. By the way, does any local restaurant serve sauerkraut?

We had skipped the starters but did have a few slices from their brilliant bread basket. Starters by the way are all around €9.50, mains in the high 20’s, desserts about €7.50. And then there is ten per cent service charge. It is quite expensive, but you do get what you pay for.

The desserts, as we say hereabouts, are to die for. Rarely have I had anything as exceptional as the date and butterscotch (with ice-cream) pudding. But I would have been just as happy with the Sicilian orange cake that the Advisor choose.

The wine list is huge. You can buy by the glass, the half bottle and full bottle. Penfolds 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz was our pick (about €26, I think) and it too was a delight

Crispy salmon with couscous, marinated grilled vegetables & harissa
Sirloin steak with sauté potatoes, grilled flat mushrooms, herb & garlic butter, spinach, caramelised onions, red wine jus
Fried polenta with grilled flat mushrooms, walnut & parsley pesto (V)
Breast of free range duck with roast butternut squash, buttered leeks, basil-pea puree, ginger jus

Chocolate and hazelnut tart with baileys ice-cream
Date & butterscotch pudding with vanilla ice-cream
Ginger & white chocolate parfait with caramelised banana, fudge sauce
Farmhouse cheese with fruit and home made biscuits
Tel: 021 4251530 Fax: 021 4251531

Our picture by the way is of the Turkish Baths on the Titanic. See