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The Connacht Batch 1 Whiskey and News from Killowen Distillery

The Connacht Batch 1 Whiskey and News from Killowen Distillery

Connacht Batch 1 Single Malt Whiskey 47% ABV

The Ballina based Connacht Distillery are proud of their Batch 1 as it is the first whiskey to come off their own copper pot stills. “ has been patiently matured for four years, when our distillers judged it to be ready for appreciation by whiskey lovers.This small batch, double distilled single malt is made from 100% malted irish barley, aged in ex-bourbon casks and finished in Jerez casks.”

Colour is a light gold and the legs last longer than you’d expect from 47% ABV. There is a fleeting hint of the higher alcohol in the aromas, especially if you get too close! Stay a bit further back, and you get notes of resin and honey and a slight touch of almond. The palate is warming, full-bodied. It is spicy, sweet and fruity right through the finish. Add in a wee drop of water and you lose nothing of the character while you gained a touch more smoothness. 

The label tells us this has been crafted with fine Irish barley (from Hook Head), has been matured in  Kentucky Bourbon barrels and finished in Oloroso Sherry barrels.

I’ve been putting this to the test over the past month or two, starting with a visit to the distillery where I bought a bottle. I liked that first time and have been just as satisfied after each raid on the bottle. Consistently happy with the result. Might be slightly biased as my mother grew up in Mayo but it is being added to my list of favourites for 2022.

* Just read, after our July visit to the Moy-side distillery, that Connacht Whiskey has been put up for sale with a price tag of more than €20 million.

List of favourites for 2022

Connacht Batch 1 Single Malt Whiskey 47% ABV

Powers '3 Swallow' Release 40% ABV

Two Stacks Irish Whiskey Dram in a Can 86 proof or 43% ABV, 100ml can

Fercullen 14 year old Single Malt 46% ABV

Killowen Signature Rum & Raisin 6-Year Old Single Malt Whiskey 55% abv, 50ml bottle. Batch #4.

Clonakilty Port Cask Finish 43.6%

Below is a recent news release from Killowen:

Killowen Dark Rum
Cask Aged / Solera Method
Small Batch 3
Continuing on with Killowen’s Dark Rum Solera releases, and after considerable requests from spirit fans and quality bars, we can now announce batch 3 is being released tomorrow Wed 31st August at 5pm through all our normal retail partners, Irish Malts, KWM Wines and all interested bars and Off licences.
This rum is fully born & bred onsite, fermented from 50% blackstrap molasses and 50% Sugar, with funky 2-4 week open top fermentations.

The wash is distilled by Killowen's flame-fed copper pot stills and worm-tubs, the first still uses a copper thumper keg which acts as another half distillation, hence the bottle stating, 2.5 times distilled. 

Solera method cask ageing was chosen for this dark rum using a range of casks. The distillate was first laid down in a series of 6 ex-bourbon 50-liter firkins, then a PX Sherry Cask, a peated whiskey cask and finally in heavily charred Cabernet Sauvignon casks. 
Like all Killowen spirits, this distillate is a cut above all other quality rums. The focus on pot still distillation and cask aging is evident in a viscous, well-balanced, spicy, heavy, and molasses-led flavor that acknowledges its raw ingredients and cask aging method. 
Ireland's first dark rum has just set the standard.

Note: For every bottle sold, Killowen Distillery will donate £1 to The Joint Council for The Welfare of Immigrants' Windrush Justice Fund; paying respect to those who created one of the world's greatest spirits. Recognising Afro-Caribbean people within the Rum industry and acknowledging the dark legacy of slavery that bore its creation. 
Tasting Notes:

: home baking with vanilla pod kneaded into a fresh almond paste with a healthy drop of treacle and flaked coconut. Followed by a more professional gingerbread baking at with a generous helping of cinnamon. 
Palate: A breakfast of honey & treacle on thick buttery toast, while wearing a pair of brand-new, real leather boots. Followed by a trip to the petrol station shop for some ice cream flavoured penny sweets.
Finish: Demerara sugar melted over the same gingerbread we noticed on the nose, creating a dry/sweet balance that leaves you waiting for the next drop.

Release Date

400 Bottles  on Wednesday 31st August 2022 @ 5pm GMT


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