Saturday, September 3, 2022

Valentia's Spectacular Bray Head Walk. Skellig Islands Views

Valentia's Spectacular Bray Head Walk. 

Skellig Islands Views.

Blue day at Bray Head. Sheep, sea, and sky.

Starting up the hill. Not the most difficult of walks. Allow about 2 hours 
total for the return trip from the car-park (€2) at the bottom.

On the way back down.

The remains of a signal tower from the Napoleonic Wars,
one of a series around the Irish coast, marks the end of the outward walk.

Come in No 01144, your time is up!

Never saw the place so covered in furze

Little Skellig

Looking down to Portmagee and the bridge to the island.

The Skelligs from the tower.

Skellig Michael

Enjoyed the crepe more than the coffee.
Then went in search of something stronger but the whiskey experience was closed!

All pics above from Aug 2022.
The two below from Apr 2022
The Skelligs are in view all the way up.

View from the carpark.
Also on this trip:

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