Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Taste of the Week. Sage Condiments

Taste of the Week

Sage Condiments

Struck it lucky when I visited the Sage Stall on Midleton's busy street during the final day of the recent food festival FEAST. I ordered the Ballinrostig Burger (with Ballin halloumi, cauliflower pickle and beetroot relish). What a marvellous flavoursome combination! And I was immediately hooked by the condiments!

So when Virginie, who was looking after the stall, suggested I consider some of the condiments by Chef Kevin Aherne, including the impressive cauliflower and beetroot above, she was pushing an open door. There were quite a few on offer and I came away with three: Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Cucumber Pickle with Ginger, and the Cauliflower Pickles.
We have been trying them out in burgers, in sandwiches, even in toasty sandwiches and they all work a treat, giving a super lift to everything. A worthy Taste of the Week here! Must check out the rest of the selection, now widely available including in Sage of course.


Unknown said...

In Cork over the weekend and just happened to pick up a tub of Sage cucumber pickle. What a treat. I love it. I'm living in Newport, Co. Tipp and wondering where locally can I buy this amazing product. Julie Bl

Cork Billy said...

This is a link to their stockists: https://www.sageproducts.ie/stockists
You could also try the main page https://www.sageproducts.ie/