Taste of the Week. Sage Condiments

Taste of the Week

Sage Condiments

Struck it lucky when I visited the Sage Stall on Midleton's busy street during the final day of the recent food festival FEAST. I ordered the Ballinrostig Burger (with Ballin halloumi, cauliflower pickle and beetroot relish). What a marvellous flavoursome combination! And I was immediately hooked by the condiments!

So when Virginie, who was looking after the stall, suggested I consider some of the condiments by Chef Kevin Aherne, including the impressive cauliflower and beetroot above, she was pushing an open door. There were quite a few on offer and I came away with three: Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Cucumber Pickle with Ginger, and the Cauliflower Pickles.
We have been trying them out in burgers, in sandwiches, even in toasty sandwiches and they all work a treat, giving a super lift to everything. A worthy Taste of the Week here! Must check out the rest of the selection, now widely available including in Sage of course.