Taste of the Week. O'Flynn's Mexican Chorizo Sausages

Taste of the Week

O'Flynn's Mexican Chorizo Sausages

Pure pork, pure Cork. That's O'Flynn's 
Mexican style fresh chorizo sausage, our Taste of the Week, made with chorizo, red wine and mixed herbs.This sausage has a minimum of 90% pork and is gluten free and is ideal for many recipe ideas. 

We added ours to a much used hearty Spanish Rice recipe and it worked a treat. The long-grain rice is cooked with vegetables (onion, pepper, frozen peas),  chopped canned tomatoes, chicken stock too. Turmeric gives it a warming colour these dull mid-winter days. The rice and chunks of the sausages are all cooked in the one pan.

It is not the only spicy sausage that O'Flynn's sell. An adjacent basket contained their Habanero & Green Chilli version. And if you are buying gourmet sandwiches from them, you may add a spicy sauce such as Tabasco or Sriracha.

More info on the widely available O'Flynn's Gourmet Sausages here.