Regional Cooking Of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Regional Cooking
Of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

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Things have moved on, I see, since boxty……..
Chefs busy now doing fancy things with golden-tailed scampi and cajuned chicken.*

Things culinary have certainly moved on. And not just in Ireland. In England, Scotland and Wales as well. But should we throw out all the old recipes? No, according to a new ecook book, Regional Recipes by Jurys Inn, a collection of soups, sides, stews and pies… tarts, bakes, puddings and cakes.
Many of the regions often provide their own unique take on some of the traditional, well-known recipes. A meat pie in Manchester varies from a pasty in Cornwall, and the distinction between a Lincolnshire sausage and a Yorkshire banger could make all the difference in a casserole.

Most of you will have heard of the Scottish Cock-a-Leekie Soup. But the London Particular? Under Sides and Bakes, you'll find the Soda Bread Farls from Northern Ireland, Staffordshire Oatcakes and, with all the craft beer available now, why not try the Gloucester Cheese and Ale?

The Irish Stew and Welsh Cawl feature under Casseroles and Stews as does the Liverpool Scouse! Ever wondered why people from Liverpool are called Scousers?Legend has it that the dish comes from Northern Europe, originally called ‘lobscouse’, which was then shortened to ‘scouse’. The scouse became popular in Liverpool’s seaports, eventually lending its name
to the people of the city.

Britain, of course, is famous for its pies and there’s quite a selection here: London, The Shropshire Fidget Pie, Suffolk Fish Pie, the Cornish Caudle Chicken Pie. But no football pie. Even though Morecambe FC’s Chicken, Ham and Leek, won the title of Supreme Champion at the British Pie Awards 2012!

The Irish Barmbrack, that traditional Halloween treat, makes its appearance under Cakes & Loaves as does the Welsh Bara Brith and the more famous Dundee Cake. Lots of treats follow in Desserts including the well known Derbyshire Bakewell. The Eton Mess is here too along with the Norfolk Treacle Tart.

No Cork favourites in the book - no sign of Tripe and Drisheen, for instance - but I reckon there’s lots of fun to be had from constructing a meal or two from these traditional recipes and Jurys Inn have done some service by getting them all together in the very well laid out ebook. It can be easily downloaded by using ‘PayWithAPost’ (where the user tweets or shares to get access) from here.

*Mayoings by Pat Upton