Christine - The Pastry Queen. Let The Sweet Things Reign

Christine - The Pastry Queen
Where The Sweet Things Reign.
La Spoon, the new domain of Cork pastry queen Christine Girault, is in Cross Street, at the side of the Courthouse between Washington Street and Liberty Street. If you hurry, you may still get an example of her Galette des Rois.
Galette des Rois? I’ll let Raymond Blanc explain: This dessert is only served once a year and every child in France is waiting for 6 January (Epiphany). To honor the Kings who traveled thousands of miles to welcome our Saviour…maybe a white lie! It was probably organized by an opportunistic p√Ętissier who saw the opportunity of a huge market. It is a marvelous party dessert as it is the custom to hide two little figurines in the almond cream. The ones who find them will become the King and Queen for the day and of course have all of their wishes realised.  Two crowns would be perfectly befitting the winners. It is also a remarkably simple dessert as you can buy the puff pastry and the almond cream takes just a few minutes to make. - See more here
 Not too sure what figurines you'll find in Christine’s galette. But you will certainly find quality, the same quality that you’ll see and taste in all her pastries and cakes. Here, in Cross Street, you may linger over one (or two) with a cup of coffee, perhaps sharing or, if you’re on your own, reading a chapter or two from the cafe’s John Grisham library.
 Now that the Christmas rush is over - Christine was busy making Buche de Noel and Christmas Logs and then the Galettes - she'll be concentrating on the smaller treats: Pain aux raisins, macaroons, brownies, lemon cake slices, various apple tarts and cakes, caramel slices, and strawberry cake slices, madelines and lots of chocolate stuff (including pain aux chocolat) and more. And do watch out for the occasional surprises: Brioche and butter pudding, for example.
La Spoon
Cross Street
087 648 1452
Opening hours: 8.30 to 4.30, Monday to Friday.