Bombay Sapphire EAST. More Please.

Bombay Sapphire EAST

Some of the botanicals used by Bombay Sapphire, clockwise from
top left: Liquorice, Orris, Cassia bark, Angelica

Bombay Sapphire East, 42%, widely available at about €35.00

Okay. First that EAST bit. Two additional botanicals (from the east!) are at play here, additional to those in the regular Bombay Sapphire that is. These are the fragrant yet crisp Lemongrass which comes from Thailand while a subtle bite is provided by the Vietnamese Black peppercorns.

I've long had a grĂ¡ for the original UK made Bombay Sapphire, at least for as long as I’ve been travelling to France with Brittany Ferries (made my first trip in 1980 from Tivoli). The Pont Aven, their ferry out of Cork, has an onboard display (above) of the botanicals used and they include: Juniper Berries, Grains of Paradise, Lemon Peel, Cubeb Berries, Coriander seeds, Cassia bark, Angelica root, Almonds, Orris root, and Liquorice.

Light, with a bite, is the first impression of the EAST and it makes a superb G & T. Of course, the original is regarded as light and floral but the EAST is that bit different and a terrific alternative as the quality is just as good. The difference seems to be a softer hit of the essential juniper, the earthy hit of the pepper and the citrusy notes of the lemongrass combining to make it even easier to drink than its older sibling. The EAST too has an intense, the spice at play here too, lingering finish.

If my Christmas present buyer reads this, I’d like a box of the EAST please, though I wouldn't be at all disappointed with a mixed case! Even a bottle!

If you like a spicy gin, here's another one, available at
Bradley's, North Main Street, Cork, bringing
the total number of gins available here to 40.