Meet The Producers At Midleton Farmers Market

Meet The Producers At Midleton Farmers Market

Midleton is the original farmers market and is still well worth a visit every Saturday. Perhaps even more so now with Christmas on the horizon as festival extras are on tempting display.

No shortage of music and fun last Saturday as I made a fairly quick visit that started with a cheery mulled wine from the Green Saffron stall and finished with a relaxing high quality coffee in Sage Restaurant, just a few yards from the busy market.

There was an amazing amount of tempting smoked delicacies on the Frank Hederman stand. Lots of mackerel here with different flavourings and I picked the piri-piri and the chive. Spotted a very good deal in apple juice with the Little Irish Apple Company selling five big bottles for a tenner. Heavy going but worth it!

Jane Hegarty was on duty as always at her Ardsallagh cheese stall. The hard goat cheese caught my eye and I bought a chunk of the mature one. She also had goat cheddar and cow cheddar for sale.

Noreen Conroy, looking forward to the Christmas break, was busy at the Woodside Farm stall while husband Martin was on duty in Douglas. The Woodside hams are flying these days though, on this occasion, we settled for a chat and their tasty sausages and rashers.

The question of dinner had been settled in favour of a Green Saffron meal deal and here we got a pot of Chicken Korma, top notch basmati rice and naan bread for just €8.50. We were already well stocked with bread so gave Arbutus a skip on this occasion and the same applied to a few others. Besides, the three bags were fairly full and weighing me down. Time for that coffee and the short trip back to the city!

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