Roz comes up with a top mince pie!

Roz comes up with a top mince pie!

The Irish Examiner's Roz Crowley complied her list of top mince pies about ten days ago and there were no less than three joint winners: Diva Ballinspittle, Heaven’s Cakes and Noreen’s Home Produce. Each scored nine out of ten.

Roz herself though has come up with a terrific Mince Pie and I reckon it would give any of the winners a run. Ace Examiner photographer Dan Linehan caught it all on video and you can see it here, along with the details of the competition winners.

I retweeted the video and soon Roz issued a challenge to me to make them! Well, it took a while but, with a with a little (considerable!) help from the Chef de Cuisine here, the job was done. And the mix of puff pastry, mince and feta cheese proved irresistible. A great taste with the feta adding a nice piquancy to the overall experience.

So why don't you take up the Crowley challenge?