Mary and Sheila Fresh Fish


Made a quick visit to the Ballincollig Farmer’s Market last Wednesday and met the fish selling ladies from West Cork, Mary and Sheila. I had forgotten I called them lively in an earlier post, maybe my spell checker changed it from lovely.

We had a chat about fish and how the fashions are changing. You hardly ever see whiting nowadays while the now popular monkfish were once thrown back overboard. Like me, they enjoy their meals out and we all agreed that Over the Moon in Skibbereen is top class and they also had a good word to say for Le Voyage at the Wine Vaults restaurant in the town. They were surprised that the gurnard dish, that we enjoyed recently at the Silk Purse, was so expensive (€23.15).

While we were chatting, they were filleting some fresh hake for me and the charge was a very reasonable €11.50 for five big fillets that were all thoroughly enjoyed at home that very evening.

The girls, by the way, do a lively (that word again) business in the Skibbereen Market very Saturday morning and that was where I first saw them in action. And Swanton Plants, where I bought some herbs on Wednesday in Ballincollig, are also regulars in the West Cork town.

On a previous visit to Ballincollig, I had a chat with Joy of Joy’s Jams saying I preferred marmalade with peel. She didn’t have any at the time but didn't she go away and make a batch for me and the minority that enjoy the peel. Thanks Joy, I’m enjoying that pot now!

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Amy Snow said…
Haaha, Joy was at the Blarney food market a few weeks ago telling me that everyone had been complaining that there was no peel in the marmalade.

Not that we need any more marmalade in our house, the count was at 25 pots last time I checked. We made it in January! :)