Nearly got put off pork for good a few years back during an otherwise excellent coach tour of Austria. Many of the hotels in the early part of the tour insisted on serving it, mostly in very unattractive ways, and quite a few of the passengers were fed up and hungry at the same time!

Fortunately, we Irish know Pork need not be that way at all. Like other food bloggers, I this week received a pork pack from Bord Bia. With holidays imminent, time was short so we roasted the top quality piece in more or less the traditional manner, though with rosemary and garlic. It was served with roast vegetables, mainly parsnip. The cooking juices, thickened, were used to make up the sauce. A gorgeous meal indeed.

And now we are looking forward to trying out all of the mouth-watering recipes that Bord Bia put in the accompanying leaflet and indeed checking out the many recipes on their  site. Pork, which is widely available, need never be dull again.