My tea drinking experience has been more or less confined to the traditional way, always with milk.
Threw off the old habit when two samples of Barry’s new products, Pu-erh and Rooibos, arrived. Enjoyed them both, without the milk.
Started with the Rooibos from South Africa. Naturally rich in antioxidants, caffeine free and low in tannin, said the blurb. This can be drunk with or without milk. I tried it without and thought I mightn’t like it after the first mouthful but I persevered and was glad I did. Really liked it and also like the fact that “antioxidant rich foods contribute to general health and well-being.”
The well-being theme continued to the Pu-erh tea from China, Not quite a sharp a taste as the Rooibos, more rounded and, for me, easier to drink from the first mouthful, without the milk of course. This is also rich in anti-oxidants and is “reported to aid digestion and reduce blood cholesterol”.
Watch out for these, sample them if you can. I know all of us don't have the same tastes but I’ll certainly be included these on my tea lists from now on.